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  Starchild21  |  3

It doesn't matter if his parents are strict or not. He's fucking 26 and lives with his rents still, what a loser.


  lifeinoz  |  0

Arcterion, couldn't the OP get roommates? That can reduce the cost of moving out to as low as $200 a month!
Definitely time to GTFO of your parents house!

  yawgmoth  |  0

$200 a month? WOW where do you live? Depending on where you live, especially if it's in a highly dense urban college town, that might not be possible.

Where I live to get a $200/month rent you would need to cram 6 people in a 700 sq ft 1 bed 1 bath. And that would still be for the really cheap apartments that are a good 15 minute drive away from campus. It would be around $300 more a month if you wanted to live closer. Not surprisingly a LOT of people here still live at home.

Don't assume that the property prices where the OP lives are the same as yours. They could be MUCH MUCH higher.

  DomK  |  0

How do you know that his parent suck? Why is he staying with them at 26? What is his history? What kind of company he had in that party? They could well be justified for all you know. May be he has a messed up past trying to recover at his parents house. May be they are trying to keep him away from the company that messed him up. Since he is staying with his parents at 26, there is more to this story that we do not know.

  PoeticPixie  |  0

Who says the OP has to stay in the same town? I'm pretty sure the OP could find a place for him and a friend or two, most anywhere. The point isn't about how much apartments cost though, the point is the fact that this guy is 26, still living with his parents, had to have a birthday party behind his parent's backs while they were gone, and goes to FML to complain about getting sent to his room. I mean, really? Grow some balls, tell your parents what's going on beforehand, get a decent job, and move out.

  xero_art  |  0

I'm praying this is a typo and he meant 16.....I mean throwing a party while your parents are away at 16 is 26, you better be praying your parents don't just kick your ass out...

  realggirl  |  0

People tend to assume that whatever their circumstances are, other people have the same ones. So if they are able to get a high paying job within a week of leaving high school, or even a minimum wage job, they assume, "Oh, getting a job is easy, anyone who still lives with their parents is a loser" when the reality is that others can be struggling to get any kind of income at all. First off, I don't know where in the world you can rent an apartment for $200 a month. That seems a bit absurd to me. Second off, it doesn't matter if it's 50 cents a month if you have no money and no way to make money. People should be less judgmental and accept that everyone has different experiences. Just because you were able to do something doesn't mean everyone will be able to because everyone is different.

  realggirl  |  0

By the way, I want to add that I don't live with my parents... in fact I have a good job and a nice savings account. But I recognize that not everyone is so fortunate.

  Latina_fml  |  0

The problem is not that he still lives with his parents( a lot of people pay the rent for their parents, so technically its their house and let the parents live with them), the problem is that at 26 he had to have a party behind his parents back and when he got discovered he was sent to his room.

Xero_art I'm also hoping its a typo and he ment 16.

  insomniacdude  |  0

109: He lives in Mississippi. This isn't NYC or Chicago. Property values and costs of living are significantly lower in Mississippi than in most place around the country. I live right outside St. Louis and can find a place close to campus for less then $300/mo. There's no reason he can't in a place with a lower cost of living.

  brocho  |  26

167, how does paying rent to your parents make the house yours and the parents the guests? The parents still own the house and can evict you at any time. That is like saying that paying rent to your landlord makes you the owner and the landlord the guest. How well would that hold up in court?

  chelzy  |  0

seriously. I'm moving out as soon as I hit 18. in my house right now, they won't let me keep my switchblade collection. won't let me play drums. won't let me see my gf. won't let me practice ninjutsu. I can't wait to move.

By  Ret_fml  |  0

A 26 year old getting sent to his room. Oh wow that just made my day.
You're big enough now to support yourself on your own, you can't blame them for enforcing rules in their own home.
If you had the party at your own place, then there wouldn't be anything to worry about.
I bet they were probably worried that you'd leave the mess to them to clean up.