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Today, I went to the emergency room with chest pain. I didn't have a heart attack, but I now have a broken nose after passing out and face-planting in the waiting room. FML
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Shadowvoid 33

Well, i hope you are ok, this news is just heart breaking.

Well at least you were at the best possible place to have a broken nose in


Shadowvoid 33

Well, i hope you are ok, this news is just heart breaking.

Shadowvoid 33

My first ever first comment, i'm so happy that i might ju* falls on the floor in seizmatic convulsions* sorry, my heart just couldn't take it.

Well I don't see how the news is heart breaking.. Probably a bad pun. But he's right it could've actually been a heart attack. At least it's just a broken nose, even though those things hurt like crazy.

mbusey 20

Well at least you were already at the hospital. You could have passed out at home or wherever. Good thing it's just a broken nose and not heart attack.

Shadowvoid 33

This is my first ever first comment.

icecreamdriveby 5

At least that got you in to see a doctor quicker? You can spend hours in those waiting rooms..

coffeegrl12 3

I am ok but in a lot of pain. They operated on my nose and I'm now swollen and bruised. As for why I was standing...after waiting for 30 Minutes they called me back and as I was getting out of the chair, instead of standing, I fell forward landing face down. Turns out, I have pneumonia, so the chest pain was from infection, and they believe I passed out because my oxygen level was too low. Thank you for your concern!

Don't break my heart, my achey breaky heart... I think it'd rather break my nose... Atleast you were already at the ER, saved yourself the Trip

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Well at least you were at the best possible place to have a broken nose in

But when he/she woke up, there wallet, phone, and social security number was gone.

I don't think there is a good place to break your nose really

I hate to be nosie, but this sad news is giving me heartache

OP had chest pain so he/she went to the hospital to get it checked out. (s)he fell to the ground and broke his/her nose because She/he thought he/she was having a heart attack.

I just don't understand why one would pass out just at the thought of a heart attack. Seems to me like the chest pain may have actually had a cause.

46, severe stress can sometimes cause pain that somewhat resembles a heart attack. The increasing stress/fear of suffering a heart attack can also cause a person to just collapse. I've seen it happen before.

Although breaking your nose must be painful, just be grateful that you're not suffering any heart conditions and that you're alive :) you were lucky I think!

I'm sure being at the hospital already was lucky enough. But the whole no heart conditions is a big hearty plus.

I thought life was a giant throbbing scumbag dick in general.

tinkrocks98 6

OP didn't say anything about drinking.

Javee 17

Maybe you passed out from not only chest pains but weakness? Time you eat more heartily.

syley 5

Nah op probably passed out from the wait, waiting rooms take forever!

cicpjaky 6

That'll be somewhat of a conversation starter

That's a sticky situation. Wait that doesn't work there. Fick it all! I got nothin.

Damned iPhone keyboard! Changing my U's to I's and who knows what other devious letter changes.