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Well I don't see how the news is heart breaking.. Probably a bad pun. But he's right it could've actually been a heart attack. At least it's just a broken nose, even though those things hurt like crazy.

  coffeegrl12  |  41

I am ok but in a lot of pain. They operated on my nose and I'm now swollen and bruised. As for why I was standing...after waiting for 30 Minutes they called me back and as I was getting out of the chair, instead of standing, I fell forward landing face down. Turns out, I have pneumonia, so the chest pain was from infection, and they believe I passed out because my oxygen level was too low. Thank you for your concern!

By  mrsstaken  |  19

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  PoseidonsSon  |  41

OP had chest pain so he/she went to the hospital to get it checked out. (s)he fell to the ground and broke his/her nose because She/he thought he/she was having a heart attack.

  shannonreneee  |  41

46, severe stress can sometimes cause pain that somewhat resembles a heart attack. The increasing stress/fear of suffering a heart attack can also cause a person to just collapse. I've seen it happen before.

By  Baustigt  |  49

This is exactly why you should always wear protective face gear, no matter what the social situation. I hear the Jason Voorhees Face Helmet® is a reliable brand. Sitting in hospital, playing extreme checkers at the Seniors Club, going on wild murdering sprees... Safety first, OP.

  hellraisedfire  |  34

chest pain is actually a legitimate emergency. if you go to the ER with chest pain, they have you in the back almost immediately. a broken arm isn't an emergency, no matter how bad it hurts, unless bone is protruding or it's bleeding.

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