By ap84 - United States

The nickname that sticks

Today, after soccer practice, I was walking to the car with my dad. My team mates waved and said "Bye POTHEAD!" They call me that because they think my head is shaped like a pot. Of course, my dad didn't believe me. I'm grounded now because I have an abnormally-shaped head. I've never smoked pot. FML
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By  x0x0hsnapp  |  0

Oh I feel so bad for you...
you should kick the ball into your teamates heads
or just have them call your parents and explain...

maybe a drug test? ahhaa that stinks

By  genericnickname  |  0

"maybe a drug test?"

Yeah, seriously, tell him you'll take a drug test. If he refuses, it means he truly rules his household unjustly. Your only recourse at that juncture would be civil disobedience.

(also, this site needs moar reply button)