By college kid - 31/07/2010 04:39 - United States

Today, I found out that the day I moved out of my parents' house, they invited my whole family over and had a party to celebrate the fact that I was gone. FML
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it's funny because u moved out and they threw u a going away party

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oh :( well the party probably sucks and your uncle probably did the perculator on the glass table and broke it

Justt consider it a goin away party... tht u weren't invited to. :)

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it's funny because you moved out and they celebrated

It's funny cuz ur hilarious

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it's funny because you moved out and they threw a going away party but you weren't invited. that's better work with it parrot lol

#8 you Are ******* annoying and not funny. Just stfu please.

At least he doesn't have to swear to get his point across.

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it's funny because Legonut in so hated. we love you Lego! :D lol

lol, legonit is awesome! ( though sometimes annoying) kinda like the soviet Russia jokes....

*legonut my iPod corrected it as legonit.... xS

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It's funny because Legonut is my role model

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maybe you're like 30 yrs old or something? haha

its funny because your parents hate you

its funny cause you guys hate on legonut but now he has a crew its funny cause that just makes us do it more its funny cause ppl are stupid and argue in the internet its funny cause the comments from the haters are never funny and we hate you more its funny cause most of you cant spell its funy cause bunch of you are retards its funny cause most of you dont get the reference cause you dont watch family guy its funny cause i prob misspelled something myself but i just said most ppl cant spell its funny cause it just simply is

59- wow, that's a lot of 'it's funny.....''. stuff

lol, 59 fail. right after you said 'it's funny because you all can't spell' you said 'funy'

The hating against lego remind when everybody was complaining aboit snickerdoodle!!! I miss the old gang; pendatic , perdix and snickerdoddle!

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Yeah idk why people hate Lego..He's hilarious Nd has a lot of people saying this lines :D.

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ydi for possibly being a shitty person to live with causing your parents to throw a party for your departure.

Either you were a dick to your parents or your parents are assholes...?

they could've just been extremely happy that the 18 years of having quiet sex were over.. or that they can go out of town without worrying you might be throwing a party in their house

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what a great family you have there..

I bet you would party every time they left too. :)