By Anonymous - United States
Today, while I was at the beach I decided to go into the ocean even though the waves looked rough. While I was in the water, I got caught by the riptide and needed to be saved. The reason I was at the beach? I'm a lifeguard. Now all my co-workers won't stop laughing at me. FML
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  honeymelon  |  0

What a f*cking liar....there's no such thing as a riptide any lifeguard would know they're called rip there's no way you would get hired as a lifeguard if you couldn't get out of a rip

  Ret_fml  |  0

I agree. I mean, it's basic knowledge that he's missing out on.
I've never been to any kind of training for that kind of thing because I only like swimming on a casual level, but everyone should know that you can still get seriously injured in rough water even if you're an excellent swimmer. It's usually cold, and the water splashing against you so aggressively makes it hard to breath and concentrate.

I definately pity anyone who happens to get into any trouble with him on duty, he can't handle himself, why should he be responsible for trying to save others' lives?


I agree. Wouldn't a lifeguard know the basic safety rules for getting out of a riptide? Swim parallel to the shore, try keeping your feet on the ocean floor if possible, all that stuff. I'm pretty sure I learned how to do all that stuff in elementary school.


Maybe so, but when I was in elementary school I lived in California not too far from the coast. My family went to the beach a lot, and my parents taught me things like that so that I could go out in the water without them.
My point was though that he was a lifeguard, and he didn't know how to get out of a riptide? That's something that can happen in his job, I'm just surprised that it wouldn't appear somewhere in his training.