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  jasminejzhu  |  22

I don't think there's any shame in living with one's parents beyond a certain age. I'm nowhere near 30 yet but I'm old enough to be working full-time, and ever since the GFC several years ago, my parent's family business hasn't been doing as well and they eventually had to close down so I've had to financially support them, which is harder for me to do while living out of home because I'll have to pay separate bills for myself on top of paying for my parents' bills etc. I don't think in this situation I necessarily should follow their rules, and I do get frustrated that they enforce their personal views upon me especially when these views don't align with the majority of societies', but in the end I love them too much to just move out and ditch them, even if I enjoy living by myself a lot more.

  Scynistr  |  20

Why does playing living with your parents at 30 have to make him a wow player who lives in their basement? My gf and I both play, both have jobs and have our own apartment..

By  NorfolkDude  |  2

LOL! Why are you living at home? Are you waiting to save up and get married? If so, yeah, it's hard to live at home. However, if you're living at home doing nothing, then get a job! Cowboy up, man!