By thissucks - 21/02/2011 22:20 - United States

Today, it's my mom's birthday. I woke up at midnight to be the first to tell her happy birthday. When I awoke in the morning, I decided to bake her a cake. Little did I know my whole family was going out to lunch to celebrate. I wasn't invited. FML
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that sucks, Meg.

Sorry to break it to you but your family hates you.


Sorry to break it to you but your family hates you.

LMAO. Guess not!!

well of course everyone hate Meg Griffon

Hey guys! I'm DocBastard!

Tehrehee I'm cool

Maybe it's cause you woke her up in the middle of the night when shed rather be getting sleep.

heeey people we got a phony in da houusee!!!

Yeah_Thats_Me - you stuck a bottle up your ass and took an X-Ray just to appear cool like Doc?

i would rather be asleep to lol

Aw, nobody likes you. Sorry OP. :(

lol that sucks. party while they're gone!!!

That's horrible.

well let's hope they disown you so it won't be too embarrassing that you werent invited to a family gathering...

Its funny because your family hates you

It's funny because I've never heard of the console be referred to as 360 XBox. Isn't it XBox 360? Mhmm.

it's funny because you're fat

its funny because you're trying too hard to be cool.

its funny because you're all douchebags HAHAHA

it's funny because y'all keep saying "it's funny".

That really sucks, make a booby trap with the cake when they come home

just follow em. see what kind of lame excuse they come up with.

You are so Ginger that I felt compelled to post this reply because of it

Thank you hahaha. Funniest comment I've read on here.

aww thats sad