By shylahrc - 03/05/2014 23:51 - United States

Today, my mom discovered a new way to get over her breakup: yodelling. FML
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Start practicing your new hobby, Screamo. You can be a musical family.

guci101 14

Yodeling her sorrow away :')


guci101 14

Yodeling her sorrow away :')

iOceanus 18

It's a lot better than getting wasted! Silver lining.

incoherentrmblr 21

Play the Trollolo song and tell her to keep singing it. Everyone wins that way...

#1 I don't think it's coincidence that your display pic is Billy Ray Cyrus. Now I'm trying to figure out how to yodel "don't break my heart, my achy breaky heart".

JMichael 25

Hey if it's helping her cope who are you to tell her not to? Invest in ear plugs if it's that bad.

guci101 14

OP deserves it for living with his mom

iOceanus 18

They're gonna be real buds now.

haha #26. That's the best thing I have heard all day. xD

#17, go home you're drunk. There aren't even 26 comments yet.

#17 reading that seriously just made my night

Start practicing your new hobby, Screamo. You can be a musical family.

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Maybe they can get the neighbors in on it! They'll be singing the blues after listening to that combination.

Unless they're the neighbors that have a daughter who's learning the recorder. In which case, they've probably lost either their hearing or their sanity by now.

pikawarriors 18

There are worse ways to cope with sorrow... Murdering for example.

ChristianH39 30

Although I think OP would appreciate being murdered right about now

#35: I don't think OP wants THAT permanent solution to her temporary problem.

creative..? i guess. could be worse. could be naked yodelling

She could be doing that publicly, if she isn't already.

If OP's mom is hot, naked yodeling in public might get her a date. On one hand, no more yodeling. On the other, psychiatrists are expensive.

What the **** #45! Why the hell would she yodel naked in the streets for a date. Plus she already has a husband! Unless their divorced b

Hey, maybe take her to a mountain one day and let her yodel as much as she wants while you sit in the car listening to music!

lexiieeex3 32

Or while listening to The Sound of Music.

And now I picture your mom as Mr. Bone. See who gets the reference.

Sorry for your ears, OP, but that's a pretty awesome and funny story to tell!

Well its unique, gotta give her that!! I think you should be proud of her honestly, break ups are hard and most people tend to choose self destructive ways of coping.

Instead she chooses a method destructive to everyone else's ears and sanity...

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