By nh-Amazon / Sunday 27 April 2014 23:01 / United States - Plano
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  littlem91  |  29

Banana King Iceberg Lettuce Salad by Banana King http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B003O3BVX0/

An iceburg lettuce for sale in the UK for 88p. And £6.99 postage. I hope they will post a good sized order for that, not just one lettuce.

  keirissleepy  |  10

Coles AND Woolworths both do it, just Google your local supermarket with 'online order' and I'm almost positive you will find an online order sheet. best way to shop for the lazy, disabled and those prone to anxiety

  littlem91  |  29

Nearly all large UK supermarkets do deliveries, with 1 hour slots, costs me that much to drive 8 miles and back anyway. Everything unloaded onto your worktops from trays, no carrying heavy bags, no splitting bags, no queues - I find the fresh fruit and veg has always been good, though we buy 90% of that locally, and meat.

  DanielleinDC  |  31

In my town there's an online site where you can buy from grocery stores--you place your order and they deliver in a couple of hours. Which is better than the two days Amazon Prime takes. It's the sort of thing I may use if I'm really sick and need something or in a pinch. I'm pretty good with going to the grocery store myself.


#35 I just checked myself. I found the seed to grow lettuce, but not the actual plant itself. I didn't think lettuce would survive the trip through the mail. Though next time I'll check first before making what I thought was a safe assumption like that.

"Meanwhile, in the news, Amazon.com is reporting an unusually high volume of searches for 'lettuce'..."

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