By nh-Amazon - 27/04/2014 23:01 - United States - Plano

Today, I asked my son to go to the grocery store across the street and pick up some lettuce. He sighed and said, "Why don't you just order it on Amazon?" FML
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Hahaha you raised a real go-getter there, didn't you?

Make sure you use Amazon Prime, and tell him you'll call him down for dinner in 2 days.


Hahaha you raised a real go-getter there, didn't you?

badluckalex 23

I would have made his lazy ass get up and go across the street. smh

Make sure you use Amazon Prime, and tell him you'll call him down for dinner in 2 days.

Lettuce pray for the wasted youth

You can legitimately order these on amazon. I don't see the issue. He's saving gas, especially if you have Amazon Prime.

75- you don't need gas or two days waiting time to go across the street...

Kevlar_burrito 6

You "legit" are the same type of useless lazy ass we're all talking about. (FYI amazon does not deliver produce everywhere)

...or maybe they wanted a lot of lettuce.

moocow398 6

It's across the street. No gas needed

chaosmanfun 7

Well why don't you? I mean everything's on the internet right?

I bet there is an app for that...

because she needs it now

they can't put anything on the internet that isn't true.

arandomusernameaa 20

You can buy drugs, guns and hitmen on the internet (through special browsers) so you can buy everything... yehh

Banana King Iceberg Lettuce Salad by Banana King An iceburg lettuce for sale in the UK for 88p. And £6.99 postage. I hope they will post a good sized order for that, not just one lettuce.

I use tor browser :D its great for stuff like the dark back web......Its so funny though that their adresses are .onion and not accessible by normal means xD

Durantye 8

The future is here! Not sure if I'm referring to shopping or lazy generation.

wildcats909 9

Maybe it's little bit of column A, a little bit of column B :-p

JMichael 25

Why not both man? Why not both..?

Why not Zoidberg?

Funny thing is, is that you kinda predicted the future. Amazon Now is a thing.

Lasagnaa 24

If I could buy groceries from the Internet, I definitely would do it!

I believe Safeway has a delivery program (they should pay me for having said that), though it probably depends on where you live.

I know that Shoprite on the east coast has a grocery delivery service online.

So does stop & shop.

AnOriginalName 19

Man, whatever happened to delivery pizza? It's got carbs, fats, and proteins, so everything that's included in a healthy meal.

Doesn't walmart do it? They do in the uk.

You can. At least, in some cities, you can. Safeway does it, and others. Im in the US, West Coast.

Coles AND Woolworths both do it, just Google your local supermarket with 'online order' and I'm almost positive you will find an online order sheet. best way to shop for the lazy, disabled and those prone to anxiety

Nearly all large UK supermarkets do deliveries, with 1 hour slots, costs me that much to drive 8 miles and back anyway. Everything unloaded onto your worktops from trays, no carrying heavy bags, no splitting bags, no queues - I find the fresh fruit and veg has always been good, though we buy 90% of that locally, and meat.

They do, amazon fresh

In my town there's an online site where you can buy from grocery stores--you place your order and they deliver in a couple of hours. Which is better than the two days Amazon Prime takes. It's the sort of thing I may use if I'm really sick and need something or in a pinch. I'm pretty good with going to the grocery store myself.

xSunnyOlivia 17

You can. I dont remember what its called, but it is by amazon. AprilJustinTV uses it.

Well did you hit him upside the head? As if I had ever said that to my parent I would be decked straight away for being super rude and lazy.

It wouldn't have been as rude if he didn't let out a huge sigh before he said it (assuming he didn't have an attitude).

Maybe he didn't want to go because of the trauma from choking last time.

"Because, sweetheart, it wouldn't allow us to have food NOW. We would have to wait until LATER."

Lettuce hope your son gains motivation back

Lasagnaa 24

How many of you actually checked? I hope I'm not the only one.

Yes. Yes you are.

Yes. Yes you are.

I think lettuce is the one thing DOESN'T sell! Insert lettuce pun here... (This is the first time I've seen Amazon referenced in an FML.)

Unfortunately they do. I had the curious urge to check and oddly enough it was easy to find.

#35 I just checked myself. I found the seed to grow lettuce, but not the actual plant itself. I didn't think lettuce would survive the trip through the mail. Though next time I'll check first before making what I thought was a safe assumption like that. "Meanwhile, in the news, is reporting an unusually high volume of searches for 'lettuce'..."

That's a whole new level of laziness