By bellsucker - 04/08/2012 22:15 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, I was rotated to the graveyard shift at my job. My only co-worker is a twenty-something Paris Hilton wannabe who won't shut up about her belief that she's the reincarnation of Whitney Houston. FML
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So she was the reincarnation of Whiney Houston before Whitney died? How exactly does that work? Oooh! Maybe when this idiot was born she stole some of Whitney's soul and that's why Whitney spiraled into lunacy during her last few years. Ha! I've finally solved the mystery of "What the **** went wrong with Whitney Houston".

morganrules123 10

Whitney obviously put a horcrux in this poor girl.


Wants to be Paris and is the reincarnation of Whitney? Would have thought her skin colour would determine which one she can be!

HooyoMacaan 7

She probably thinks she's a great singer like whitney.

HooyoMacaan 7

Haha yeah, I was just trying to be helpful since 1 seemed confused. :p

featherygoose 9

I doubt she is actually Whitney Houston.

25- thank you for that insightful comment. Now, tell me, I've always wondered, and in your infinite wisdom, maybe you can tell me: what color is the sky?

13 - a nice alternative to "no shit, Sherlock"! I'll be adding that to my bank of sarcastic replies! :D

featherygoose 9

34 - blue, it was named after the color sky blue. 42 - you should probably get your eyes checked... It's blue.

#47 I cant tell if you're being sarcastic or you're just plain stupid.

Aside for 13, 33, 34 & 49, this thread leaves me with no hope for mankind.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

#49, it's FML. It's kinda taken for granted that she's just retarded.

42: are you sure? I swear it was orange...

#53 I still had hope that she was being sarcastic but oh well all hopes lost just like #51 said.

featherygoose 9

I'm a guy by the way. And I'm not being stupid, stop being mean.

60- I guess it depends on where you're from. Over here it's yellow...

#25 was funny. Thumbs up folks! OP: Your coworker must be quite young. Like, what, six months old?

Huh, fascinating. I'll have to come to the land of the Yellowsky to see this glorious sky.

47- By the way, the color was named 'sky blue' was named after the sky, not the other way around, dumbass.

sovetskiy 8

I dunno. Thinking she's Whitney Houston is a lot better than Snoop Dogg thinking he's Bob Marley.

123: Then what of Justin Bieber claiming himself "the Kurt Cobain of our generation"? Thumb me down. Bury this comment and JB's terrible hubris along with it.

killmepills 5

He could be if he'd just shoot himself, JB is the one of the most popular musicians today just like Kurt was. The only difference being Kurt had talent.

nuhuh 1

Skin color isn't everything. *insert name calling and cussing and ranting here*

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You have my vote!!! I don't know why I ever even bother reading this stuff sometimes!!

Slender_Man 6

34- the colour of the sky is blue. It was named after the sky blue colour. I'm pretty ******* sure that the sky was made before crayons.

Slender_Man 6

34- nothing. The sky has no true colour.

149: Colour is subjective, but sky definitely reflects a specific range of wavelengths of it's fair to say that the sky does have a colour.

So she was the reincarnation of Whiney Houston before Whitney died? How exactly does that work? Oooh! Maybe when this idiot was born she stole some of Whitney's soul and that's why Whitney spiraled into lunacy during her last few years. Ha! I've finally solved the mystery of "What the **** went wrong with Whitney Houston".

morganrules123 10

Whitney obviously put a horcrux in this poor girl.

Sinkhole 26

Hey, Doc, if Snoop Lion can be the reincarnation of someone who hadn't died when he was born, then so can this girl.

And she would have got away with it too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids!

31- It's the same guy just with a new name.

Snoop Dogg changed his name to Snoop Lion recently and now does reggae. He visited Jamaica and claims that a Rastafarian priest told him he was a lion or something stupid like that. He also claims to be the reincarnation of Bob Marley.

I still wonder why he didn't change it to "Snoop Lionn" instead. The extra g at the end of his former name made it sound cooler, why not add an extra n to his current one?

Zoh_Aubrey 8

Snoop Dog just realized that all the weed he smoked was nothing compared to Jamaica's. It was so strong it turned him into a ******* loon.

AphyTheBronette 15

I'm the reincarnation of ... Oh I forgot e.e damn it..

Go along with it, you may get to hear about some bad habits that could get her fired and possibly get to make a night vision video of your own

I doubt they want that "night-vision video" if they made an FML complaining about her...

Psych101 9

Are you kidding me? Film her and sell the video to Hollywood. Next thing you know, OP, you'll be a successful movie director.

I have to deal with the exact same thing at my store. I just do what I can to get as far away from her as possible. If that doesn't work, then might I suggest earplugs?

Wow your 20 something year old Paris Hilton wannabe coworker thinks she's the reincarnation of Whitney Houston too? What a coincidence

I'm so glad to know there are others with this problem, I thought I was the only one!

KiddNYC1O 20

Willy Wonka is a creepy mofo. That is all.

RIGHT!!? I hate when people try to insult others and don't use words correctly.

Why are people thumbs-downing this?

105, "You're" is translated to "You are".... So unless you want sentences to sound funny, lets not try to be a grammar nazi, again. What's sad is I've seen you here for a while, I figured you would know the difference!

At least she can't be one of those "YOLO" fuckfaces if she believes in reincarnation...

reallytho3 11

My dad once told me never underestimate the stupidity of someone... I think that applies here lol

So I told everyone at my school I was the reincarnation of Adolfo Hitler. YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO YOLO

Zoh_Aubrey 8

I never understood the YOLO craze. Did motherfuckers REALLY believed they could live twice before Drake?

I never understood the reasoning behind the "YOLO" craze. Don't you only want to do stupid shit when you know you have MORE than one life?

110 - exactly! Why would you want to screw up your one life that you have? If people had 9 lives then they can really live their lives to the fullest until they a little bit of lives left.

Rectov 10

So if you don't believe in reincarnation you're retarded... Seems legit

no. he's saying that since YOLO stands for"you only live once," that you cannot believe in reincarnation at the same time.

That's funny cause that's impossible. It's not like Whitney Houston has been dead for twenty-something years

Uh Whitney Houston died this year. I can't tell where the sarcasm is running or if you're just stupid. Like where it starts and stops.

BubbleGrunge 18

Wow, she's got awesome idols. Whatever happened to wanting to be astronauts or presidents?

That all went down the drain when the teen pop idols of the 21st century came to town.

It's kind of hard to look up to politicians when there's so much bipartisanship that change can't happen. Add to that the massive effect of the recession on lower and middle class families and all you can do to relieve that situation is to live vicariously through tv characters who live a life completely opposite to the hardship and stress of real life. People who idolize people who others say are 'mindless and trivial' do so only because it is a poor man's vacation from what is really happening around them. Can you blame them? If people want the next generation to stop idolizing trust fund babies, there needs to be a medium where hard work can actually guarantee a good life. As it stands, it glamorizes narcissism and links the pursuit of happiness through hard work and dedication as obsolete and archaic.

dominic1221 6

This is FML, get the **** out with the political shit.

Legendoflaw 4

Very well spoken. I completely agree.

38-That 'political shit' is an FML in itself. Besides, I was answering a question.

Broccoli- I really like your comment. Bravo.

Only the first sentence in Broccoli's comment was "political shit", the rest was just sad but true.

Yeah, that first sentence is a generalization. I just wish things would move forward, that's all. Its tough to watch hardworking people suffer from things beyond their control.

Thanks for the kudos, everyone. Sometimes, I feel I'm the only one that feels that way about this idolizing scenario. People are just trying to cope.

She's a horcrux. That's the only possible explanation.

Good job copying number 4. Real original Brick.

Blackmail111 9

Hey 23! Guess what? Some people read FML's at later times and decide to comment before they read every single gosh darn comment and with 7 billion people in this world, there's bound to be some who have the same idea! Who woulda thunk, right? Asshole.

Sounds like she acts as though she's young enough to be the reincarnation of Whitney Houston.

Explain to your co-worker that Whiney Houston is no longer living in ANY human form. If she doesn't listen take her to the nut house.