By issy - United States
Today, while taking a shower in the dorm bathroom, my roommate thought it would be funny to steal my towel, robe, and key. I spent over an hour waiting for someone to come into the bathroom so I could ask them to bring me something to cover up. FML
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  Intoxicunt  |  5

Damn you, mercy!
I waited for like an hour or something, constantly checking to see if a #36 had appeared so I could say basically the same thing.
You beat me to it!
Now it's spanking time.

By  pattysays  |  0

Lol this happened to my friend as well who's a boarder, and she got really pissed off at my other friend. this used to happen to me as well when I used to be a boarder, but thank God those days are over. FYL. I understand your feelings.


Is this better for you?

"You should've walked out naked (walked quickly and hoped little to no one saw you.)

Hopefully if I was in the dorm, I would've saw you though. :D"

Do you understand my comment now, dumbshit?


Or was it the phrase "little to no one" that you didn't understand? Think of mathematics. Think of "zero to five people". And yes, that's 100% grammatically correct.

  BeeSkwaird  |  0

And your attempted "correction" added another error: no end-of-sentence period. (You put it inside the parentheses by mistake.)

I blame the education system.