Ah, those were the times…

By Anonymous - 27/12/2013 20:50 - United States - Ely

Today, my 19-year-old brother subjected me to yet another rant about how the writers of My Little Pony aren't writing the show for people like him any more, the "true fans", otherwise known as pimply-faced adults who don't use deodorant and only shower once a week. FML
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Nederlander95 14

Sorry you have to live with this kid. How does one get into my little pony anyway?

Damn Bronys. Hows his fedora collection?


Nederlander95 14

Sorry you have to live with this kid. How does one get into my little pony anyway?

Actually, the first season was great, and most of the second season was good as well. You just need to take things in proportions. There's nothing to complain about, they just chose they don't want this audience anymore and changed their content appropriately. Simple solution: stop watching and forget it ever happened. That's what I did, and I'm glad I did it.

\ 28

#1 - It's actually through an arcane initiation process known only by a secret society dubbed the "Bronylords." They are rumored to be satyrs who capture innocent men, remove their charisma and libido, and instill within them a dark devotion to the My Little Pony franchise in all ways their pathetic bodies can physically and mentally submit to.

the funny thing is is that what #34 says is actually spot on. The first two seasons were fairly entertaining for what they were, but most people either took it too far and became obsessed or never watched it and joined in on the hate.

You watch it. You decide whether or not you like it. what's wrong with having a positive opinion about something? I happen to love mlp.

strawberrywine22 30

I love mlp, but I don't let it dominate my life. My husband and I both love Pinkie Pie!

I honestly don't know, #1. I tried watching it after an aquaintance at school told me how "great" it was, but I couldn't get through the first episode. Maybe it's more the fan-base community than the show itself.

I watch My Little Pony and I'm not obsessed with it. It's just fun to watch. P.S. RainbowDash is the best!

#116 Maybe try a different episode (that is not 1 or 2). I find I usually have to watch at least three episodes (think "three bites" rule) before I can TRULY decide on wether or not I like it. I've tried two episodes so far, and it's starting to grow on me (help!) :) .

For me, babysitting is what started it. I was just babysitting the child of a family friend, she wanted to watch mlp, and before I knew it we had finished half of season 1. I couldn't believe I actually liked it.

I guess many of my dislikes were because of bad phrasing ("you" referring to any random "brony" rather than anyone here, which I guess is not too obvious). Whoops! For the record I am currently wearing a Pinkie Pie shirt. I just think it's cute & pretty, nothing more.

As one of said 'pimply adults that only shower once a week' and being 17, I agree.

You got all of the bad points because we don't really like Bronys

Actually, my brother, mother and I all used to watch MLP when it first came out. I'm a 17 year old gal, my brother is a 15 year old swaggoteer, and my mother (and I as well) are concert junkies. We all enjoyed it because the jokes were funny, the characters were (though a little inconsistent) fun, and the stories were well written. I admire the creator and think the art is cute. That's how I managed to get into it, at least. Besides, it's something to watch and talk about when you have to babysit.

I have to disagree with the argument of applejack

Damn Bronys. Hows his fedora collection?

I bet it is large. Not as large as his "I'm A Brony" and "Virgin For Life" shirt collection.

There's something creepy about a grown male liking MLP. Any other cartoon, fine, but that's creepy for some reason. . I assume they all have creepy moustaches (no beards, though) to go with their fedoras.

It's not just that. It's that they have a huge sexual fandom, where either they dream/write/illustrate/talk about having sex with the characters or making the characters basically **** stars.

So I found out after googling "cloppers" thanks to another comment. There's not enough brain bleach in the world. :(

Qwermy 16

72, You forgot the scrubby neckbeards...

aedan12 15

@74 Well, yes, that's there, but it's in most (if not all) other fandoms as well. Does that make it any less creepy? Of course not. But it's also less common than most people think. "Cloppers" get more attention than everyone else because it's so extreme. I would venture to say that most bronies wish Cloppers didn't exist because it reflects very poorly on the majority of the fandom. Love, A brony

Yeah, but with ponies? Really? I think the creepiness of it really sources from the ********** involved.

I like MLP but no fedora collection, sorry. BRONIES UNITE!

#136 what about flurries? more of those than cloppers. To the Cloppers: GET OUT OF OUR FANDOM! WE DON'T WANT YOU!

The mistake I made was finding YouTube videos about pony thread simulators... Do not want!

#139 Leave now. Leave now forever. You will die.

ChaosBlitz 12

As a Sonic and Pokemon fan it's much the same thing. You have your fans of the games and shows and what have you and then you have the furries on a totally different side of the coin. I'm the former by the way.

Thats disgusting he should change his habits

The one comment that hasn't started a major flame war.

Bringing peace to FML one comment at a time :)

News flash: it was never written for people like him. Besides, most of us bronies actually do wear deodorant.

Nederlander95 14

It wasn't written for anyone over the age of 4. Including you.

Similar to most successful forms of cartoon entertainment My Little Pony also includes some nudges and jokes that children won't quite understand, but that adults will greatly appreciate. Prominent examples are e.g. Scooby Doo, with all the references to weed, Phineas and Ferb, with their references to all types of 70's, 80's and 90's popculture, aswell as a bunch of other great shows that were created for children, but are still enjoyable for adults. That being said, the OP's brother is clearly a nutjob. Then again, every fandom of a sufficient size attracts people like that. [Remember Westboro? Yeah... like that.]

Kyuubi_Rose 11

Bronies aren't just men,my fiancee and I are in the fandom thanks to my daughter, not all of us are bad, but some do take it too far. Message to ops brother, it's just a tv show, don't be a baby and find a new show and a new fandom

#88, you are what we call a pegasister; a female brony.

Sinamoi 18

134, 159- Except that "Brony" has been a unisex term for sometime now. OP, believe me when I say that being in this fandom gives you more reasons to hate other bronies than being outside of it. Quite simply, tell your brother that you quite frankly don't care. Some bronies need to loudly be told to shut up before they remember that there are people who couldn't care less about the show.

Sorry, my comment was directed towards #6. I am not a brony i find them very creepy.

AriBunBun 7

I can totally agree with this. Not all of the MLP fandom are raging weirdos. I, personally, couldn't care less about the writing or even casting (though I admit, John DeLancy was an amazing choice for the trolling character... He's the Q of the pony world.) You tend to have "the special ones" in every fandom. There are ALWAYS going to be folks to give the fans a bad reputation, no matter the fanbase. Least I'm not a furry..... oh wait.

Guess what #6 nobody cares what you think!

I commented because if I were OP I'd be speechless as well... thanks for YOUR comment

If you have nothing to say, don't comment. All there is to it. This way, you don't get thumbed down to oblivion.

My little pony, all skinny and bony, stepped on a wire and fell in a fire, no more pony today. (That one?)

My little pony so skinny and bony she went to the circus she farted on purpose. Or is it this one

(Or this one?) my little pony, skinny and bony, flying through the air had a heart attack, crashed through my window, broke the glass, my dad grabbed a shotgun and shot it in the ass

miyaviichan 27

Bronies are disgusting... It was never for you, you know? It's fine to like the show ( I do, my kid sis and I watch it together) but don't even whine about the plot. Why not make real friends, get a job, and move out of your poor, poor parents' house, hm?

That last sentence is way too exaggerated.

How do you know for sure he doesn't have friends or have a job?

How about you lose the attitude and let harmless people have harmless interests? "Disgusting" is the fact that people think it's okay to mock and hate on other people because they are into different things. Who gives a shit if he likes to work on cars or watch My Little Pony? It makes no difference in your life.

You're very quick to assume that everyone is like the small, disgusting group of men who obsess way too much over the show. I'm quite well off in fact, having a house, girlfriend and a dependable income. I'm also a brony myself and even have one poster around the house somewhere.

So, how did you two meet? "The My Little Pony fandom"

miyaviichan 27

It does make a difference in my life. It's not completely harmless. What am I supposed up to when my 10 year old sister finds **** of ponies on the Internet? It's happened before. I didn't want to take her to that Equestria Girls movie because she'd be put off by all the grown men wearing rainbow dash hoodies (to be fair, there weren't actually that many old dudes around.)

Sinamoi 18

156- You act as if pornography on the internet is a new thing. There is R34 of pretty much every cartoon that has ever existed, Spongebob, Scooby Doo, Fairly Odd Parents, you name it. There are even people who do not watch my little pony that draw R34 of it. Now I'm not defending cloppers, but I'm not attacking them either. The only reason you see more of that kind of stuff is because there are more people that follow the show. But for the love of God please do not lump me and the rest of us that genuinely enjoy the show and SFW fan stuff that comes out in your idea that anyone who watches this show is sexually attracted to the characters.

#156: Ancedote =/= fact. Your story about that bronie who had **** on the computer is an anecdote. There are plenty of bronies who do not have MLP ****. Besides, don't you know rule 34?

I grew up with MLP, and I guess it's okay for me to like them since I'm female but there's still a real stigma over any adult who does. In fact just about everything I like -toys, video games, cartoons- is supposedly "wrong" because I'm an adult. I don't have a problem with bronies unless they're what I heard are "cloppers", and that's just plain disgusting. And physically impossible.

I think people mostly take issue with those who turn liking a kid's show (many adults watch shows like Spongebob and the like) and sexualizing it, turning that sexualization into a community and then shoving that community into everyone's faces and expecting them to be okay with it, while wondering why nobody likes them. That's been my experience with most "bronies", although I have absolutely no problem with people liking the show itself. As long as that's as far as they take it, just enjoying the show and no further, then I'm all for it.

I've never wished I didn't Google something so much in my life. I knew about bronies before, but cloppers are just a whole new low.

Axel5238 29

I agree, but a lot of the fan boys/ girls in general take the love of the show too far. There are those that really enjoy anime, but a lot of the fans take it far past an enjoyable hobby and end up being rather creepy. Everyone has hobbies, but if it gets to a point where they only know just that it's problematic. I knew a guy in college that only really knew about anime and not a whole lot else. He had a terrible time making friends, getting a gf because he didn't branch out of it then and can hurt social growth. Hobbies can be taken too far.

I'm a brony. Not a clopper. Even I, a grown male of 19 years who watches a child's show views clopping as wrong. I have a little sister who watches that. What if she got online once, and just googled a pony, say...fluttershy. Chances are, she would see some pretty disturbing things. I find clopping disgusting and disturbing, and if even venture to say that, if "the writers of the show no longer write for the brony fanbase," it's because of that.