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Today, after we'd let an author rent out our cabin, we read in the book of poems he wrote while staying that he'd described how he enjoyed sitting on our table naked. The same table we often eat off. FML
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You should eat off plates. I find they're much handier.

so? clean it. And it's not like you don't use plates. what's the big deal, ugh.


sorry, dumb iPod lagg! I really need a new iPod. did you ever notice for all fmls, even the ydi ones are still fyl?

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Mmmm... very appetizing don't you think?

Why would anyone enjoy his naked ass on a cold table

Wait. No utensils or nothing? That's just as disgusting.

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just clean the table... like you would the toilet, or shower, or anything else his ass may have been on.

While cleaning the table will do the trick, I'm quite sure no one in their right mind would come home to expect that some author had sat his bare ass on the table and wrote about it. Actually, I think the line stops right around where he was naked in their kitchen. But eh, they rented it out to him, nothing they can do about it.

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Dude, if you rented a place to someone, anyone in their right mind IS supposed to expect it to be all dirty. Cleaning is a necessity.

Well, maybe you should try upgrading to silverware? Perhaps? Maybe? Yes, you should. Either that or enjoy licking those perfectly lump, plump brown crumbs off of the table.

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You do make a practice of cleaning your table on a regular basis, do you not?

so? clean it. And it's not like you don't use plates. what's the big deal, ugh.

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Um, pussy cat....naked

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I knew all these comments would be about the picture the second I saw it

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wood to wood it feels good, to let it hang then rub my Wang, in this house of logs only mine can I take home but first to milk a necter of life, damn I need a wife, you rent out you run all manner of risks from your tenants, ydi x

I wouldn't worry about that... the stains on table however I would worry about...

well then clean the table then they do have things to clean tables these day. but then again that is kinda weird to sit naked on SOMEONE ELSES table though...