By NotANaturist - 01/01/2010 14:13 - United Kingdom

Today, I came home from a new years party wearing a shower curtain and nothing else. FML
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zman0900 11

must have been a damn good party

NotVeryOriginal 0

I bet your ****** is destroyed. FYL indeed.


zman0900 11

must have been a damn good party

LoveIsASong_eddi 0
schwinn11 0

Well, it depends ! Did you wear a shower curtain to the party? If not it was a good party!

yeah all this means was that you had an awesome night

probably because she went out with a hundred or so dollars in clothes and came back with a $5 shower curtain

Elfkid21 19

well then it was her own stupid fault for buying overly expensive cloths, now huh?

Check Facebook and YouTube... there's probably pics or videos of you already up. At least then you'll know what happened.

Considering what OP went home in, those online photos might be the last thing she wants to see.

that_guy321 2

i agree. i fail to see how this ***** your life. if i were in your situation, i'd know i had a good time

this is more of a "text from last night" rather than an fml

Gives new meaning to "walk of shame"!!! Lol!