By sourcandy013 - 21/11/2011 02:21 - United States

Today, my 11 year-old sister unfriended me on Facebook because I'm not "cool enough" to be seen on her profile. FML
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11 year olds shouldnt have Facebook -.-

MwahFMLS 6

Lock her out of the house and tell her she's not cool enough to be in there? Sorry, OP. Its all i got.


you're not cool enough to be on the fml website begone and vanquish from my site.

why does your 11 year old have a Facebook? YDI

LiyIa_fml 8

-_- Facebook has ruined society. Why do you care what happens on there in the freakin first place????

LCD T.Vs refresh rates are 60hz, 120hz, 240hz and 480hz. Just sayin'

My six year old nephew has had his Facebook, for two years now, as does his three month old sister...she doesn't use it much though

Who gives a shit of what people think on Facebook.

Teenagers, obviously. My 16 yr old brother refused to add me for years because I've gone to university, and educated people are 'totes hurt' in their circle...

11 year olds shouldnt have Facebook -.-

Membership in the Service is void where prohibited. This Site is intended solely for users who are thirteen (13) years of age or older, and users of the Site under 18 who are currently in secondary school or college. Any registration by, use of or access to the Site by anyone under 13, or by anyone who is under 18 and not in secondary school or college, is unauthorised, unlicensed and in violation of these Terms of Use. By using the Service or the Site, you represent and warrant that you are 13 or older and in secondary school or college, or else that you are 18 or older, and that you agree to and to abide by all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. They shouldn't indeed.

Yeah I know what you mean but they get away with it by cheating their age on the site which is retarded, nobody younger than 13 should have a Facebook..

FYLDeep 25

The only reason websites use 13 as an age is that there's some kind of law that makes them more liable for their content if they market to pre-teens (I remember reading about it). It's 13 for FML as well by the way.

MsMeiriona 2

The worlds messed up right now... My 9 year cousin got Facebook... Next thing u noe 11 yer olds would b cyber bullying each other and callin each other *****...

D37H100 5

55, I believe you have to be 17+ to download anyway, because of the mature content.

Damn 14, and you typed all that? Or just copy and paste...

74 -Too late. I once saw 10 year olds calling each other ******...

14, before I even read your comment I thummbed it up, because Ray Lewis is a boss.

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I'm 16 and my mom won't let me have a face book. :( but my 13 and younger cousins have one. I see this as a little unfair.

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33- I'm 13 on here too. I honestly think Facebook is stupid.

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The sister isn't in OPs friends list anymore lol

Wtf? Seriously? You sound like an old Saved By The Bell after school special. (it's payback time little sister?)

Rapt0rJesus 0

I see you aren't quite the sharpest knife in the drawer... Are you?

don't take it personal some people like there life private lol

Yeah but her sister is 11 so what privacy does she have ?

bitchslapped22 14

There's no such thing as privacy on Facebook

At 11? No way! Don't you get it that pedophiles would stalk her. A group of guys in Chilowack BC Canada created a profile as a young girl and caught around 10 guys who were trying to hook up! Met them at the McDs dressed in batman suits. Vigilante style. It's been on the news!

Have you ever thought she may be right?

Get over it? Kids tends to think shit like that at that age. Not really sure why you care what an 11 year old girl thinks about you anyways.

yodas0da 12

her fb friends are probably 11yrs old too. who cares? at least this way you'll be able to avoid seeing mindless preteen chatter

MwahFMLS 6

Lock her out of the house and tell her she's not cool enough to be in there? Sorry, OP. Its all i got.

DKParth13 5

It's serious when you get deleted off of Facebook !!

FYLDeep 25

Are you saying that the OP needs to love and tolerate the shit out of her?

It's just facebook... People are lving ther lives through social media these days, it's just sad. Plus... Twitter is where it's at ;)

you had a good point until you mentioned twitter.

Hahah I wasn't being seriuos about that part :p that's why I put the ;)

none of it should be used 247 like some people do like seriously people post everything they do(hey guys I just took a s***) that's how I feel anyways

SexyMexi21 23

You do realize that social media is also defined at Twitter right?