By Anonymous - 21/03/2014 18:16 - United Kingdom - New Malden

Today, my husband actually tried to pay me to forget about the affair that he's been having. FML
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whiskeey 14

How much did he offer?

Take the money and run!


whiskeey 14

How much did he offer?

I'm pretty sure there isn't enough money for that.

Unless he offered about tree fiddy. Always accept tree fiddy.

EphMi 5

i am pretty sure there's a price for everything.

Unless it was a little more than half, they can get a better deal.

What affair? No, I'm sorry he is such a dick! And his dick is what he will be touching from now on.

I'm pretty sure marriage makes his money her money

I'm guess about half of their assets.

incoherentrmblr 21

Take the money and run - Steve Miller.

What if there's a prenup. Everyone's assuming that there's not

Goblin182 26

If marriage doesn't divorce will.

OH_HappyDays 14

Prenups usually have cheating clauses. If it didn't she should take the money and run.

Take the money and run!

caohm 18

accept the money as fee for being an asshole and then just continue to not forgive him.

lexiieeex3 32

Taking the money doesn't mean you can't promptly divorce him. Take the money, slap him, pack his bags, and kick the bastard out.

take the money and run is a song guys, personally I favor "Hit him up style" way more fun!!

Get your ass out of that marriage! Save yourself...

Yeah, the earlier you can get away the better. Once a cheater, always a cheater. He obviously cares very little about you, and to offer money is just wrong. I'm sorry OP..

So did you ran away with the money?

emirie 21

Take it, and use it towards a divorce lawyer

CurlyQute 17

Bribery is not an option in this case

LizetteBerenice 22

Divorce him now

Don't worry. You'll get to take everything of his once you get yourself a lawyer.

"American woman" immediately started running through my head because of your comment.

tayymeds 23

That song just started playing at my work right as I read your comment ^^