By gutsforme - 11/08/2010 10:40 - New Zealand

Today, I asked my boyfriend what he wanted for for his birthday in a couple of days. He replied "to be single" and walked out of the room. FML
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Wow, what a ******* asshole man. Kind of a rudish way of saying it.

Then don't post a comment. ******* shit.


Wow, what a ******* asshole man. Kind of a rudish way of saying it.

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Then don't post a comment. ******* shit.

what an asshole... jerk omg! well, find a guy who will sweep you off your feet :D

Freeze, I love your picture man. Mind if I save it?

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Why would you ask permission to save his picture? Lol, he would have never known! How polite of you.

NO! YOU CAN'T SAVE IT! Actually, this is one that I saved a while ago. I'm making a new one so it's a filler. Save away.

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aw that sucks. but on the other hand, you just saved the time and money to buy him a present:)

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Why did you reply to number 17? Such burning questions!

yeah that was rude and quite predictable. anyone else tired of fml's like this? it always has to be the ungrateful boyfriend ;/

Why thank you kind sir. I look forward to your new one. Lol. And 14, I try to be as polite as possible to people I don't know. Unless they don't deserve it for some reason. Then I'll be an asshole to them. I try and be nice. Lol. Along with the picture, yeah, he wouldn't of known, but I still like to ask. Strange of me.

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what an ass. haha mess up his car and then break up with him..I would have after the second he said it haha.

YDI for not pleasing your boyfriend. YDI for being bad at sex. YDI for being bad at things YDI for being a bad girl

Hey, hey. No trolling when it's me you're replying too. No freaking replying to my post without bringing in a conversation dammit!

Stop it #47, I only accept Trollz4daLULZ to make such listst.

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At least he didn't string OP along? I think that's worse...

it's funny because he wants to break up with you.

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it's good that he dumped you he's an asshole you're better off without him

time for a new bf! before that I would do something bad to him :)

that is rude to say! I would have struck him and dumped him

Classic! I'll have to remember to use that one!

lollllll my boyfriend amazzing sucks for youuu

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aw! OP, I'm sorry! but you should give him what he wants and make him crawl back!

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omg favorited, that shit is epic

I don't usually do this but ixacex you are gorgeous.

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What a ****** awesome pic!! Haha. I always thought I was weird cause I am always grammatically correct when I text and/or speak. I hate the "r u ready" or other tragic forms of speech!

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34 this made me laughso much I added it to my favorites.

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everyone says YDI for you disver it,I can't spell bite me, but shouldn't it be YDI for You Dumb idiot? clearly wasn't YDI she was being nice to get him a present and he was just a jerk.

I totally agree! "No comment" is a ******* comment! dumbass...

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I agree he could've asked for something expensive. Then broke up with her the next day.

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Take a shit in his car, right on the drivers seat. That'll teach him!

yes, because nothing says your a Dick like a huge duece in an inconvenient spot.

FFML_314 11

Hey, it's a perfect way of doing it! Then he'll get in and be like "WTF?!"

Brilliant. Definitely keeping that suggestion in mind in case I need a revenge plot.

Well hopefully it doesn't happen to you, 89. Hopefully you won't have a reason to get revenge.

#94 Yeah, I sure hope I never have a reason to seek revenge!

I'm sure you won't. Sure you'll be goods.

I dunno, I'd probably pay to see revenge of the nerds. >.<

Ydi. Obviously he's not happy. Time to sit down and evaluate your relationship with him and see what you've done. or more so, what you haven't done.