By GshDrnt - 21/04/2011 02:57 - United States

Today, I logged on to Facebook and had 64 notifications. I thought that perhaps I was popular. But no, it was my ten year old sister, liking 64 of my pictures. FML
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chickunkey 0

Be glad, at least someone loves you. :'(

As you can tell you are quite popular.


As you can tell you are quite popular.

attention boar

What the hell is a 10 year old doing on facebook anyway?

66, allot. And fyl I hate when popular bitches post up on their wall "Im pooping" and gets 30 like.

that's what you get for using Facebook in the first place

dirtyblond 4

That's a lot of pictures.

Hello_kitty_love_fml 0

66, I know what you mean, my 10 year old cousin got one just this week and her 2 cousins (one is 9 and one is 8) have one too! WTF MOMENT :)

Ive had worse, my friends 11 year old sister liked all my prodile pictures, put a commwnt then like each comment.

I know your feels bro...its happened to me :/

chickunkey 0

Be glad, at least someone loves you. :'(

drlove007 0

said by the person who never gets notifications

KittehGirl 3

yeah, be happy

sometime we get none. dude, there are a lot stuff to worry in life!

ImaWiseGuy 5

64 likes? if I didn't know any better I'd say your lil sister is scheming against you......

14gtown 0


animaline_fml 3


That was really sweet of her

Aww. At least your sister is nice, and didn't post anything embarrassing. Don't see how this is really a FML.

Infamous_Hawk 6

An evil plan devised by your sister to get back at you for all the things you do to her.

chickunkey 0

By showing her love and affection towards 64 of OP's beloved pictures?

Infamous_Hawk 6

It's sarcasm. I honestly don't see why this is an FML.

Infamous_Hawk 6

Was being sarcastic. To be honest, I don't see why this is an FML.

Daerauko 0

because OP trolls on facebook and yet she's such a loser she can't get people to notice her.

OP thought that 64 people were interested in him/her. to his/her disappointment, it was just one person.

Boohoo, lady, your life is probably ruined because nobody commented on your facebook.

FriskyTaco 0

At least it wasn't your mom

that's kinda cute she wubs her brother

or sister or w.e you are

Yep it's a girl u can see at the top.

Not on the iPod/iPhone.

yes on the iPod or iPhone you idiot, go to the very top right... PINK!

zlatan_fml 0


Y is a ten year old on fb?? Crise are parents just calling out for pedos!!!

You know Facebook is safe. Just hide your whole profile and only add people you know.