By promdump - United States
Today, I went to visit my Grandmother, accidentally leaving my phone home during the weekend. When I got back I had 2 texts from my crush. One saying "I want to take the most beautiful girl to prom, go with me?" and the other saying, "Fine fattie, I'll ask someone else." FML
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  Wicked361  |  8

if that was me I would call him an inconstruction jerk then I would lie and say my grandma was in the hospital and I rushed leaving to see her the whole weekend:)

  Pikalu1  |  3

I don't think she missed it, I think the grandmother texted back something rude. Or, at least, that's what I thought... at first... for some reason...

By  jennaleighhh  |  0

i agree with 7. asking through text is one of the most unclassiest ways to do it. and then proceeding by calling you fattie? you should be happy youre NOT going to prom with him. hes a bit two-faced if you ask me!

By  rorygilmore07  |  0

yeah but you can make him feel guilty too
just imagine this:
This weekend I finally decided to ask this girl I like to prom. I sent her a text asking, and when she didn't answer I texted, "Fine fattie, I'll ask someone else." I then found out that she had spent the weekend with her grandmother and I am now without a date. FML

By  TryToBeKind  |  0

Sounds like your crush is awfully impulsive and selfish. I'd text back/call back (or better yet, if they're the timid type) go face-to-face and sweetly inform them that you would have (emphasis on the past tense) loved to go with them but . . . you're sort of glad you accidentally left your phone behind because now you see their true nature and are glad you didn't waste your time.