By Elisa_LmR - 03/01/2014 23:28 - France

Today, like every other day for many years, I have a phobia of bananas. This evening, the phobia came to a head when I had a nightmare in which I was stabbed to death by a gang of walking bananas. FML
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Orange you glad you aren't afraid of bananas, guys?

You must peel very bad... (I'm so sorry I have to)


Orange you glad you aren't afraid of bananas, guys?

Strange phobia. I'm guessing that it is from a childhood experience.

Orange you glad we didn't thumbs down that bad pun?

#13 I can imagine that in my head right now. OP: Steve! Stop feeding me your banana!

#18 Calm down there buddy. If you want to talk shit, go to the toilet store.

Rocknee you mad bro?

It would suck if your boyfriend had a curved dick.

Where's you get these puns the toilet store?

Well he isn't alone! Pythagoras had a fear of beans AND lived in Greece. Could you imagine how rough that would be for him? Everyone has a phobia strange or not.

At first I thought it said 'wanking bananas' !!!

Pythagoras had a fear of beans? I thought he was just afraid of theorems. *Ba dum tis*

Am I the only one who got 49's reference?

Nope, and it's actually kind of funny but hey, he was being a dick.

God forbid your bf uses a banana flavored condom on his curved member...

You must peel very bad... (I'm so sorry I have to)

\ 28

Banana Terracotta Pie, anyone?

What did the banana say to the vibrator? "Why are you shaking? It's me she's going to eat."

\ 28

I assume not many here got the System of a Down reference...

I did. ...and now I can't get the song out of my head

this shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S

Make like a banana and split.

A System of a Down reference down voted.. And a shitty pop song reference gets up voted? Yep. The world has officially gone to shit.

138 shut up you pretentious fuck.

Going bananas, eh OP?

Take revenge! Make a massive banana smoothie and make evil giggles while slurping it down.

That hilarious moment when my sis almost chokes to death on her peanut butter and banana sandwich after I read her this FML.

Wasn't this on an episode of courage the cowardly dog?

like that episode of zack and cody

There was a show I watched as a toddler "Bananas in Pajamas" That was some freaky shit man.

#4 that's exactly what I thought of reading this.

Is that the tv show about two bananas that name banana A and banana B ?

I can't believe no one has mentioned the minions! ):

This isn't a phobia at all.. Bananas are fucking terrifying.

Brazilian gangs in a nutshell. They be ghetto blasting the Chiquita Banana jingle all over the favellas.

Bananas are okay... I fear banana slicers much more o_o

Dat peel tho.

A banana molested me :(

you came to the wrong bananahood mother fucker

Your joke is bad and you should feel bad!

I thought it was brilliant.

You must have loved Bananas in Pajamas.

Now that damn song is in my head :(

I guess you could say OP was going bananas ;)

Thank god no one has made that joke on this thread. Oh, wait..

Damn. Thought I'd get to that joke before anyone else. Better luck next time, I guess!

Don't feel bad, I still have nightmares of bananas in pajamas

Pizza pizza momizza, bananafanaboCANNIBALISM

What the hell?! Stop drinking. Now.

I will find you. And I will force you to eat a banana

you are truly evil