By aelia_oups - 31/12/2012 22:09 - France - Taverny

Today, as I have been for 10 years, I'm allergic to fruit. After an argument with my mother, she yelled, "Here, have a banana and go kill yourself!" FML
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At least she didn't try and kill you herself. With that being said: Your mom is rude. ***Didn't see that first comment there, sorry.


Really? I actually find the mom quite nice for saying that.

My mom did that except I'm not allergic to bananas, and she told me to do something else with it...

Am I the only one curious as to what 75's mom told them to do?

I don't know... maybe she's rude, or maybe she's just trying to plantain a seed in your head...

Bad! Bad Cavebone!! Now go to your room and think of this atrocity of a pun you just did!

... Mother knows best? (Pure sarcasm intended!)

Listen to "mother knows best" from tangled. But I'm drunk as hell, what do I know! Happy new year

That really is rude, but at least your mom didn't shove it down your throat or something. I would have taken the banana to scare her and then have thrown it at her face.

Am I the only one here that finds this post hilarious!

81-their mother told them to go **** themselves -.- was it really that hard for you to get?

The only comment that actually used any wit.

At least she didn't try and kill you herself. With that being said: Your mom is rude. ***Didn't see that first comment there, sorry.

If she did kill her with the banana then we wouldn't have to worry about it happening ever again because the liberals would just campaign against our rights to have bananas.

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OP should throw it right back saying "Go **** yourself!"

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Is it me or there are no I agrees or ydi?

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#88 - I'd only suggest her telling her mother to go **** herself if she either A) isn't afraid of being grounded, or B) is too old to be grounded. :P

135- I'm on my iphone and its at 0/0 for me as well. Been happening to quite a few posts on my phone.

I agree. It doesn't matter how mad a mother gets at their child. They should NEVER tell him/her to go like himself/herself.

I really dont care for bananas. not so much the taste of them as it is the texture that gets to me. and the fact that its dick-shaped.. that too.

Hmm a banana, maybe she was hinting at something..

I think it was pretty obvious when she said here go kill yourself.

I mean why the banana. There are other fruit.. Subliminal messaging anyone?

Then she should of said "go **** yourself and die"

I'm sure youre reading too much into it.

Maybe OP will be the first person to actually slip on a banana peel.

Why would her mother insinuate her to **** herself? Someone needs to get their mind out of the gutter.. -.-

Life is not nearly as much fun as it is with it in! :)

I think LH is trying to hit on the Freudian significance of the banana imagery. Why did OPs mom choose a fruit overwhelmingly phallic as opposed to an apple which clearly has both biblical and mythological significance. Or a star fruit that when viewed end on resembles an asshole. Too much?

Maybe she threw a banana because that's all that was there. It says nothing about her picking a banana over any other fruit.

Exactly #74, some people are just nutters

Banana, gun, doesn't matter. They're both phallic tools of unimaginable destruction.

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I think OP needs to invest in a new mother.

"Batman, what comes out of the end of a gun?" "Injustice!" What comes out of the end of a banana? POTASSIUM!

I'm so sorry you have such a bitch for a mother.

That makes op a son of a bitch. Or daughter I suppose.

Well. Take the banana and kill her with it?

Something tells me if she sticks it in her mouth she will have a real allergic reaction..

That's why she fakes eating it instead. I suspect it would have to be a bit less direct than simply sticking the banana into her mouth.

That's the only way I see making a believable fake attempt.. Ok I'm going to ask, am I the only one that can't keep a straight face when reading "stick it into her mouth" or some variance of that?