By Anonymous - 30/01/2010 13:16 - United States

Today, I was walking to school. When I was about halfway there, someone put a gun to the back of my head and told me to give him all my money. As I slowly turned around, I saw it was my dad putting a banana to my head. FML
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lol at least you weren't actually mugged!

AxCxDxDx 0

Would you have been more freaked out if it was someone you didn't know holding a banana to your head?


lol at least you weren't actually mugged!

UziTopete 0

cuz he literally thought he was gonna die he probly cried and maybe peed a little

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HAHA your dad is fucken awesome!

Soybean254 0

should have said my bitch of a dad is greedy and won't give me an allowance and how could you tell it was his voice

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Look on the brightside. He isn't gay..

ok why do u hav a pic of yourself that's screams ATTENTION! that's an fml all by itself

Reyo 2

Would you rathor it have been a REAL mugger holding a REAL gun?

Danielt104 6

Lol, your dad is awesome! that would scare the crap out of me though, Fyl

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that's not even cool, I've had that done to me, but it was an actual gun.

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hell yeah!!! I like your dad. and maybe he was trying to teach you to be more aware of your suroundings.

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36... Whom are you talking about?

I'd much rather it be my dad with a banana than a dude with an actual gun.

Wow!!!!! My dad is such a drunk dumb ass!!! I came home from school one time with my friends and he was half naked!!!!! only had a towel on!!!!

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cuz the person was like omfg I'm gettin mugged

sounds like a mlia I'd be relieved too op

so you did not recognize your dad's voice?

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Agreed w/ 31, this is an MLIA. I would've, on reflex, spun around and snatched the banana. It would've smushed all over my hands.

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haha #87! YDI for living in the ghetto.

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Would you have been more freaked out if it was someone you didn't know holding a banana to your head?

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How is this an fml at all? So what, your dad put a banana to your head...

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Maybe they REALLY don't like bananas!

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Hahah that would sound better though. Today, I was walking down the street when my dad snuck up behind me and poked me with a banana. MLIA

Shystai 0

Because she was probably scared to death? Therefore felt horrible, making it a FML.

and this is a FML how? your life is not '******' give me a break ㄱㄱ

That's terrifying, that's what makes it an FML. If you what you thought a gun was pressed to head, you wouldn't be scared at all? Whatever.

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doesn't mean his life is ******, he'll get over it in hours.

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...So you think your life is f'd because you WEREN'T being robbed at gunpoint?

Maybe his dad was serious, if OP is allergic to bananas.

maybe that person is allergic to bananas!¡!

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I don't see how this is an FML. you weren't hurt, you still have your money, and probably had a good laugh. you're just sad

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cant be the only one thinking, oh, Tom Bergeron!!!