By Mishlette - United Kingdom - Derby

Office Space

Today, I started at my new job. Turns out my boss is a complete douchebag. He spent most of the day looking over our shoulders and making cuntish comments about our work, then called a guy a piece of shit for farting and forced him to spray disinfectant on his chair. FML
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  Morning_fml  |  22

Nice bosses actually motivate their employees to work better and harder and give that positive vibe without that fear of being fired because the boss isn't a dick. If your boss is practically nice then you'll always look forward to working.

  Mauskau  |  35

My boss is incredibly nice until you piss her off or do something wrong, and then she'll turn bitch mode on whilst telling you off. And then she'll be nice again. All bosses should be like her.

By  DocBastard  |  38

The only thing that sucks worse than an asshole boss, uh...

Nope, nothing's worse than that. Well, other than "shitty situation" comments.

By  brittaaany_93  |  38

It really annoys me that people like this get manager positions. No one wants to work in an environment like that with a shitty boss. I know the feeling all too well, hope it gets better!

By  CaliCassanova  |  14

Hhhhm I hate guys like that! Who always want to play who has the bigger dick! In my personal experience the guys that want to play are always bluffing call him out on the attitude and record everything that happens so you have proof!

  ksks1234  |  33

Since he is the boss, it would be kind of hard to call him out, especially since op is new. My boss is a complete bitch, everyone knows she is, but she has worked here so long, she can be. I just act super nice, it drives people like that crazy.