By Operation Yewtree here I come - United Kingdom - London
Today, I was sitting on a bench at the local park, eating a banana. A guy old enough to be my grandfather walked by, turned to look at me, then said "Young man, I wish I were that banana." He walked away, and I almost blacked out choking on it in shock. FML
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  adacurtis  |  9

old people just tend to speak their mind. sometimes you end up with cool story's or good advice, and sometimes you end up with sexual comments about fruit.


Oh yeah, people would so like to hear OP say: "yeah, there was a time when I was in the park and I was eating a banana when an old dude came and told me that he wished he was the banana!" That's a funny story to tell!

By  LittleBells  |  17

Actually the same thing happened to me but with my brother. I was eating a Popsicle at a beach party. And my drunk brother came up to me and said "I wish my dick was that Popsicle, because you're looking fine girl" and winked at me. He never realized it was me