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Today, like any other day since that stupid movie Frozen came out, people have been asking me if I want to build a snowman. My name is Elsa. FML
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No one saw that one coming! OP, I know how you feel... my name is Olaf.

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FYL OP! I definitely know how that feels, at least you don't have the same last name as me, apparently everyone knows the motto "once you pop you can't stop" from a can of Pringles.

That's a great idea thanks, I will name my daughter Elsa. It's a beautiful name and I expect her to be stronger than these comments.

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Frozen was one of the worst Disney movies to date.

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My friends last name is Pringle!

My name is Sarah, and no, I don't like to cook. I also don't care if you like me. My middle name isn't Lee either. Op, there are worse things people can say to you. Some people don't realize how very unoriginal certain jokes are. Everyone thinks they're funny. Laugh it off. "Everyone doesn't like something, but nobody doesn't like Sara Lee."

My name is Philistine. In Arabic, it's pronounced "Fa-la-steen" as in the Arabic word for Palestine. Try traveling to visit family in Jerusalem with that name! I get put in the interrogation box every time. I always get asked, "Why were you named Palestine?" As if I had a choice. I made the mistake of asking a soldier once, "Would you like for me to change it to Israel? Or West Bank?" I was almost deported. I also get frisked at every checkpoint and have to go through extra security at the Ben Gurion Airport... Not to mention that a "Philistine" in the Bible has the connotation of being stupid and inflexible.

@124 Ouch that really has to suck. Consider speaking with a travel agent and maybe getting a special passport or something.

#113 Sarah is a really common name though. So I think it'd be tiring for people to keep repeating the same thing to the same people. I know 3 Sarahs in my grade another 2 or so from the past, it's pretty hard to make fun of a name that's so common you almost don't get the joke

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Came here to say that. Came too late. Story of my life.

Hahaha I feel you OP, my name's Journie, and it's insane the amount of puns I get

#127: There's no such thing as a special passport for anyone of Palestinian decent who is entering Israel. Especially if your name means "Palestine." And, were I to change my name, I'm already in the system. Believe me, they know more about me than I do. They were asking me me about relatives that I didn't even know I had. (Like my dad's cousin who died 10yr before I was even born.)

snowman can be a lot of fun to make! go with the flow

Oh I'm sorry that sucks but it's a beautiful name!!

One, Elsa is an amazingly amazing name regardless of the movie. Two, those people should grow up.

You're never too old for child-like wonder.™

You only have to grow old, screw growth up! Elsa is a pretty sweet name though.

Yeesh, people are making jokes even here about your name and the movie. People, she doesn't like it!

Then she and you need to grow a sense of humour. They're just harmless jokes. If you get offended at something as innocuous as this, that's your problem, not everyone else's.

Doc, a few jokes here and there is nothing, but a year straight all because of a movie? I'd snap!

Really? That would make you snap? Do harmless jokes really affect you people so much? I'm guessing yes, based on the reaction to my comment. That's pretty sad if you let silly jokes get the better of you. The people who let that sort of nonsense slide off their backs grow to be the strongest. It's exactly this kind of ridiculous hypersensitivity that has allowed the "political correctness" bullshit movement to flourish.

There's nothing offensive about the joke, it's just grating. Yes, political correctness is because people are hypersensitive, but hearing the same joke over and over puts one's sanity on trial. Apples and oranges.

Ran out of time to edit - darn. I was going to add a waterboarding comparison. One drop of water on your head? No biggie. Now endure it day in and out.

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Everyone has a breaking point, Doc. Ex: It's like how you feel about "shitty" puns and pussy jokes here on FML. Tired of them yet? Lol But hey, on here, OP couldn't have expect anythings else then these types of comments to continue...

Doc, like I said, it's the frequency, but not always the material. Even "shitty" puns don't bug me as much as these other fools.

Never thought I'd see so many people turn agaisnt DocB. Really shows how far the humor in this community has fallen.

So we have to kiss ass to prove we have a sense of humor? You must have the best sense of humor on this site.

I guess if you can only react on two extremes thats fine. But there are a LOT of ranges between bullying and kissing ass.

I'm working with your extremes, dude. You seem to think that these people are 'bullying' and have no sense of humor just because they disagree with someone.

Looks like you need to let it go as well Doc

I wouldn't go so far as to call this bullying, either. I've been in a similar situation when I was in public, and possibly a bit of Catholic school (Hell on Earth, ironically), where my name was easy to make up some childish rhyme. Looking back on it, you could see how bad the rhyme actually was (I am not going to say it), but it's the fact that it happened almost every day for years until I repressed at least half of my childhood that I feel sympathy for Elsa (OP), so I know what it feels like. It's why I said I'd snap if this happened to me over some movie.

Do you wanna build a snowman, do you wanna run and play? Such a catchy song. That and let it go. Disney is still entertaining to me.

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Apparently multitasking in the morning is a super fail for me. This a habitual fact. Thanks for pointing out my inaccuracy. Still I don't see why you wouldn't want to build a snowman. Good times.