By anonymous - 09/05/2013 00:07 - United States - Casper

Today, I let my dad put my dollar in the slot machine for me because I'm not old enough to gamble. I won $200 but he kept it because he "put the dollar in the slot machine." FML
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vencku 13

He should at least give you your dollar back. Sorry OP, some people just happen to be pricks.

Dodge4x4Ram 46

break a window & tell him to fix it with your $200


vencku 13

He should at least give you your dollar back. Sorry OP, some people just happen to be pricks.

Sucks even more when the pricks are your family.

I would've demanded half if it was my dollar.

Dodge4x4Ram 46

break a window & tell him to fix it with your $200

AbstraktThoughts 13

Yes, because OP's dad couldn't force him/her to pay for it or anything...

He technically can't the most he could do is take away some things.

He can sell enough of OP's things to cover the window. And ground OP/make him do a ton of chores.

itsgen 16

He sounds like an asshole .-.

I know. Wtf kind of parents let their kids near those machines?

26, those machines are everywhere and there's a lot of who will just put the one in. A one off is not harmful, it's when they feel like they have to play on it that it becomes a problem. I wouldn't say OPs dad is a bad parent for letting them play once.

Its like buying a scratch/pull tab ticket dor a dollar for you kid. It nakes them feel lucky if you win even $5.

Parents spend more on you than you can offer OP.

Exactly. He probably just paid OPs smartphone bill with it.

4 - How exactly does that give parents the right to rob their children?

So what, a child has to pay back their parents for every dollar spent on them? No, it doesn't work that way.

OP's parents decided on having him and its their responsibility to pay for certain a things.

Get a job, ya bums.

I have a job but if it was my dollar/pound I would request the £200 because it would have been my money not my parents! As parents you are required to purchase things for your kid to ensure that they can live comfortably and survive. When they use their own money for things parents can be happy and the OP gave his parent HIS money to use the slot machine! So therefore it is the OP's money!

It'll probably end up going toward your college fund eventually anyway.

Not everyone goes.

oj101 33

Parents - always enforcing rules and displaying integrity until it inconveniences them.

True, but I try not to do this to my children. My wife says I need to be fair to them.

He should at least share some of it with you.

I would have given it to my son and made him take me out to lunch.

Where do you think those clothes OP wears comes from? And the lunch money and allowance and fuel in the vehicles and food on the table and... Just because he doesn't get the cash doesn't mean he doesn't get /anything/.

I think it's more to the point that it was the kids dollar in the first place that won the money, it's the principle of the matter.

You don't know that OP doesn't have a job. Perhaps they pay for a lot themselves.

pastispast 7

Haha tricked by the parent. I bet they also gave you a speech how they deserve it since they take care of you. Better luck next time.

MEM0817 18

Yep... That's some shit my Mom would have pulled before I was old enough. Some parents these days. I feel terrible for some kids... That's why I literally try my best to be the. Best Mom to my daughter. After all, they only deserve the best...!

Axel5238 29

Don't know age of the OP, but when I was a kid even if I got a $100 check from a friend of the family for my birthday I had to save half. $200 is a lot to give a kid, especially when it should be saved for later. As a kid it sucked, but when I was a college student and had several grand in saving to use incase of emergency I was happy as hell. Good for the parent.

Axel5238 29

Yes it would be, but the kid isn't old enough to gamble. Not like it was a carnival fair and the kid won a stuffed toy or a video game it's a casino. Plus, I'm pretty sure that's a chunk of it is going to be spent on the kid anyway since they are on vacation presumably.

18, He might not. For all we know, OP could be at home and had just given him the dollar. I still believe that even if this could be considered a way to teach OP, he should have AT LEAST say so.

Octwo 16

18, in Las Vegas you can find slot machines in any local diner. You don't know it was a casino. Most US casinos won't even let you in unless you're over 21.