By paintfarts1976 - 10/05/2013 19:01 - Ireland - Mullingar

Today, my husband angrily accused me of cheating on him. It turns out he thinks that because I've been spending time with my brother recently, the two of us must be having some kind of incestuous affair. FML
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That's so gross! Who does that?!?! Tell him to seek therapy.

Overatedlife_fml 5

Dude has serious insecurity issues, put him in check.


That's so gross! Who does that?!?! Tell him to seek therapy.

Well to answer your question on who does this, stereotypically rednecks are believed to do it. Can anyone back me up on this or say different.

OscarDV 8

Different. You're on you're own there bud.

yeah that was obviously what was going through his mind

Or maybe he just watches too much Game of Thrones.

I see a Ceresi and Jamie Lannister type relationship here

FYL... People really need to check with others before jumping to conclusions.

Or maybe he just watches too much Game of Thrones.

That's just disgusting and stupidly paranoid. You should take him to a marriage counselor.

*send him to counselling. OP doesn't need help ;)

That's unfair! If he has a sister say 'so does that mean you're cheating on me if you spend time with your sister?'

Never ask a question you don't want an answer to...

well you're not from the southern states...

Okay, that way EXTREMELY prejudiced and unnecessary. Kindly shut up.

awe boo don't worry, sarcasm and jokes are difficult to understand sometimes. I'm gonna guess I hit a tender spot...

Cosicosei - Jokes are funny. Your comment was not.

Just because your humour is different than mine doesn't mean anyone has the right to tell me to shut up or tell me what to not say. I don't believe in this "politically correct" shit. Don't act like you guys are all angels and you never say things others don't like. Thanks for understanding :)

MrSarcasmic 10

19 some people just can't take a joke anymore

Excuse me, but would you kindly rethink your stereotypes? Some stereotypes are acceptable, but I shan't tolerate this... This... TOM FOOLERY.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I found the comment somewhat humorous, but then you just made yourself look even more like an ass.

Cosicosei - You think perpetuating a stupid stereotype constitutes humour? Interesting.

isn't it the same with americans making fun of us canadians eh? tou guys think its hilarious and you don't see the wrong in it, I'm just repaying the favour! I don't mind the comments, I laugh at canadian jokes too but people need to loosen up.

Cosi, the only way that your original comment could be considered sarcastic is if you came back and claimed you were being politically correct with it. Since you ended up saying you're not PC I'm gonna say that YOU'RE the one that doesn't understand sarcasm.

no, my joke was not considered politically correct and I knew it wouldn't be taken as such when I posted it, therefore my posting it makes me not politically correct. so thanks for your illogical input but try thinking a little more next time.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

damn cosi, everyone is hating on you. :( that sucks! just blow them off.

Cosicosei- thanks for making Canadians look like prejudiced assholes. I'm from Alberta, and even people here have better manners. All others-Don't worry, we aren't all like that! I swear most of us are decent people!

therealafroninga 10

Canada produced Justin Bieber, and this kid...

75 They also produce a lot of maple syrup so that makes it about even.

75 my point exactly, you wanna talk about what canadas produced vs america? who has terrorists on an almost yearly basis? who created all the ridiculous celebrities? (lindsay lohan, snooki, kom kardashian, paris hilton...)? who has the most well known criminals in the world? shall I go on? yet americans still think they're the shit and have a right to hate on ppl while everyone else have to be angels to them? why...?

therealafroninga 10

Because Murica. 4th of July. Baseball. Turbo diesel trucks. But, on a realistic note, what terrorist is gonna go after Canada. My guess is one who hates geese, or a foreigner who was mislead by the title Canadian bacon.

It's your husband sleeping with his sister. They say the paranoid are usually the ones doing wrong...

This reminds me of the FML where the girl had sex with her boyfriend, only for him to scream his sister's name.

Hurbel684 10

This is so messed up, for a moment I thought this was about Star Wars.