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  gantoman  |  13

What the fuck do you think you achieve other than the sighs of stupidity from this community when you write "Damn" as a first comment?

  thesmeagol  |  22

#17, You achieve immortality when you gain first comment. The rulers of the world will offer their daughters to you, and you will get a throne of gold.

  sweetbliss3  |  37

what normal person wouldn't be like "hey I heard this, is it true?" I say that because my now fiance heard that I was fucking around (I wasnt) when we first got together. he didn't tell me he heard that until a year later. I'm glad he didn't believe it, so that's why I'm calling this an easy way out on the ex's part because clearly he didn't care enough to try and straighten things out. but it was high school. no one is the same person they were in high school. it's a silly excuse.

By  kerstileann  |  26

Maybe he thought they were true? Still doesnt excuse the breaking up part. Even if the rumors were std ones it still doesnt excuse it. You might be better off.