By Anonymous - 27/01/2011 05:19 - United States

Today, as I was walking home, I passed some little girls who threw a bunch of snowballs at me. I dodged every single one, ran away laughing, and gave them the finger. I then ran into a snowman. FML
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You gave a bunch of little girls the finger? I'd say this is a fail even before you ran into that snowman.

perdix 29

It was a Chris Hansen snowman, and he busted you for fingering little girls.


way to try to get first.

The snowballs were a distraction from the ambush.

I like how you felt good about flipping off little girls... Dick

I inconspicuously flip off babies in strollers. That way, I'm the first person to ever flip them off.

losadoll 0

so going to do that

Pb25797051 0

Why is it that comment 45 is almost always an idoit? Here is another idiot..

bigantennaemay 3

how is he a dick? The girls started a fight with no provocation.

there little girls you fucking idiot. who cares it's just snow grow up you douchebag.

72 because they are little girls dick!

You got to admit though that this was Funny as Hell Haha

I believe the question on all of our minds is... so did u score BIG time?

The snowballs were just a distraction, and you ran right into their trap. a b****!!

raybillionbongen 0


You gave a bunch of little girls the finger? I'd say this is a fail even before you ran into that snowman.

Lol depends how little. I'd call 14 year old girls little and id swear at anyone who who 12 or older, since they'd go to the same school as me, so how could they not have seen and heard much worse from a secondary school ^_^

caramelluv 0

little girls can be bitches

emodude44 0

You like to finger little girls? Freak.

ohcrap007 1

ha ha epic win!!!! u sir are a penis... oops I meant genius

they aren't really sweet little girls in the first place if they are attacking strangers with snow balls

that's just funny

Your hair is funnier.

Alanber92 5

LOL That might be an omen...

They probably planned that out.

:O those sneaky bastards!!


imagined that, even funnier my head.

Yep, you got owned by a couple of 8 year olds...Oh and Frosty too.