By NowBroke - 04/04/2016 09:38 - United Kingdom - Malmesbury

Today, I found out my mother drives my car. I was okay with it; I don't use it all the time and she's my mother. However, I was not okay with the multiple speeding tickets that came through in the post. "You're the registered keeper, so why should I pay?" FML
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Shadowvoid 33

I would speedily take the keys away from her and never allow her to drive again. You could lose your license from losing points.

Looks like it's time to start hiding your keys.


Shadowvoid 33

I would speedily take the keys away from her and never allow her to drive again. You could lose your license from losing points.

usnwife 18

Where is this? I can't see on the app... the only place I am familiar with, she couldnt get in trouble since it would be her mothers name on the ticket as she was the driver. Now a red light camera I know goes to the registered owner of the car, but I've never heard of a speeding ticket doing that

The UK has speed cameras. They work like the red light cameras in the US. Goes to the car owner.

usnwife 18

Ah, thanks for the clarification! Depending on the relationship with the mother, and the amount due, I'd be tempted to file a police report about the stolen car since it was used without permission to contest the tickets... and certainly keep the keys hidden!!

ribx 16

I don't know about the UK, but in New Zealand you only lose points if the cops actually catch you, but get a fine from the speeding camera, because the camera might be reading wrong or you can't see who's actually driving, but you're still responsible for the car

If they received the tickets in the post, then it was a speeding camera, not an actual officer, and it won't count towards demerit points. The only hit here is having to pay the fine, or you will be forced to appear in court. If you miss your court date you'll get a warrant for arrest.

From experience, the owner gets the ticket by default but they can claim they weren't driving the vehicle at the time and give the details of the person who was. A new ticket will then be posted to the driver.

ALittleFreak 15

That is such garbage op, I hope she did the right thing in the end.

usnwife 18

Cant see the location here, but typically aren't speeding tickets given to the driver? So if you don't pay it would be her that gets in trouble...I say let her learn!

Generally speeding tickets are given to the driver unless it's a speed camera. They're similar to red light cameras but they take pictures when something is registered as going a higher speed than the limit. It means that officers are free to help people instead of being forced to watch certain areas known for multiple speeders.

well in that case you can fight the ticket. cameras have actually been made illegal where I live because police men are physically suppose to give you the ticket, not send it through the mail.

usnwife 18

Thanks! I havent seen those before. I would be contesting the tickets, even resorting to a stolen car report if I had to. I would hate to do that to my mom, but if she has so little respect for me that she would pass off her fines then I wouldnt think twice to do what I had to do to keep my own name (and licence) clear!

They go to the registered owner of the car (from the registration plate) when they're from cameras, you can contest them to say that you weren't driving but you need to have proof I think. Each ticket gives you points on your license so if there are quite a few they could lose their license.

They are, like you said #4, typically in the driver's name. I got pulled over one time driving my father's car and got a ticket. Maybe because of the registration, the ticket was written in my father's name, though the officer did grab my license which clearly had my name. I of course paid it, but technically it was not on my record (until I corrected it). Mistakes happen.

Where I live you can't give tickets based of cameras

Stop letting her drive it until she pays. And if she get another ticket dont let her drive it anymore

Hide your keys- and give mommy dearest some bus token....

Surely you can call the people who issued you the tickets and say that you weren't driving and she was, then the tickets will be reissued to her.

Judging by the fact that he only just found out his mother drives his car, I'm guessing she's not insured on it. That might make it more difficult to have them reissued to her. Plus, she'd possibly get jailed for driving his car without insurance without asking him (as it is also theft).

sabriel19 8

you can do this in the UK but its irritating. You have to call them up and ask for the photo of the incident and ask them to prove that it was YOU who was driving the vehicle. If they can't do that then technically you don't have to pay the fine but it needs a lot of back and forth emails to get it sorted out. Has to be emails too as you need to see photos and things. Often they will ask for you to prove it wasn't you driving too, but this is not a requirement, they have to have evidence it was you driving in order to charge you. You get speeding points on your license for this too. 6 points and you get a temporary ban until you take a speed awareness course. 12 and you get banned for at least 1 year. You can get 6 points for 1 speeding offense if your speed was, I think, 10mph over the limit

I know it's a bit of a faff to do, I live in the UK but op says several tickets have been issued. So they should really contest them as that could be a lot of points to go on their license.

Just came back and noticed I made a typo in my last post. Should be "without insurance/without asking".

Omg, I just learned about that in French class. I almost felt bad because I thought you couldn't drive at all once you use all 12 points. Thank you for the clarification!

If she was driving the car without insurance, that's all the more reason to hold her accountable for those speeding tickets. Should be the quickest way to let her know that what she did is absolutely not okay by any halfway decent person's standards. OP, sorry your mom is a scumbag.

as the registered keeper, you have a legal duty to inform the police who the driver was. if your Mum's not on your insurance, then it's her tough luck.

Definitely look into the legality of her not paying but somehow blaming you. Dont think it quite works that way if she was the one driving....

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