By pissingcontest - 30/05/2009 00:10 - United States

Today, I had to take a serious piss. I started urinating and leaned back slightly on my heels. Somehow I lost my balance and fell backward, hitting my head on the wall behind me and spraying myself and my entire bathroom with my own pee. FML
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That sucks. but seriously you should of stood normal. one your focused on your man hood. stay alert. lmfao. and first? ;D

jesbar95 10

Maybe you should have stopped pissing.

That comment literally made no sense...

toxic_hippos 11

#77 Oh, wow. I thought it figuratively made no sense.

jengen 0

that's definitely some serious pee session.

ryguy997 0

a serious piss? WTF!?!? hah lol. DAMN ANTI FLOOD!!!!!

That sucks. It's hard not to get too relaxed with those kinds of pisses.

this is why its better to be a girl sometimes.

"A serious piss"? Ahahaha. Pissing r srs bizness!

Hahaha, I almost wish i was there to see that. #8 made my day.

rallets 22

jeez man, you sprayed all over me. there i am, taking a piss, when all of a sudden, OLD FAITHFUL out of nowhere.

ryguy997 0