By Terry - 05/12/2018 17:30

Today, I opened the bathroom door and it broke my wife’s little toe. As revenge, she ruined the ending of Assassin's Creed that she had gotten me for Christmas. FML
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All's fair in love and war. And I think you've just gone to war.

How hard did you open it!?


All's fair in love and war. And I think you've just gone to war.

A relatively light punishment for domestic violence.

How hard did you open it!? she’ll hide your skateboard...

Sounds like she got it worse.

tounces7 27

She got revenge for an accident?

assassin's Creed sucks ass anyways

tarabella 7

Yyeaahhh... That's far worse than a broken toe. You poor poor thing. I'm being sarcastic, just in case you can't tell. Jackass

What's to spoil? Templars find alien mcguffin, player character swoops in at the last minute to save the day, alien recording shows up, everything's more or less reset for the next game. Also, some shit goes down in the modern day but no one gives a shit about that. Every single one of them has pretty much the same plot and ending.

Fucking hell, Dave... would it kill you to put a spoiler alert at the beginning of your comment? Or do I have to break your little toe?

Yes it would, as a matter of fact. It just so happens that I'm deathly allergic to spoiler warnings.

Spoiler Alert: I don't care.

Did she play the game she got for you and finished it without you knowing about it or did she go out of her way to research the story just to ruin it for you? In a separate note: I'm surprised there's people who care about the story of those games. I love them, but generally only for as long as I can do whatever I want. Once I actually have to do the story to progress, it usually becomes a chore until I can do my own stuff again.

Nhayaa 21

I care about the story. I usually don't do all the secondary quests but now you have to if you want to level up enough to continue the main quest so... I still don't do the ones in the water though, unless it's in the main story and I'm forced to. Yerk.