By pissed - 10/05/2015 14:34 - United States - Dearborn

Today, during a very stressful and busy day at work, I took a bathroom break. Unfortunately, of all the things on my mind, taking down my pants before emptying my bladder wasn't one of them. FML
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Maybe it's time for you to take a vacation if you're that stressed out

Yikes- I'm curious as to how you handled that... I think we need a follow up


When ya gotta go you gotta go

Well yeah, but even then you need to pull down your pants. Unless you have superpants that absorbs pee in 0.1 seconds and always smells like roses or something.

Stress does this to people.

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When you work is so stressful you forget how to pee, I would suggest a possible career choice. For your own health.

At the very least a vacation!

When did you realise your pants were still on?

RenoTheRhino 30

Most likely when it was too late.

Let's just hope it wasn't a number 2.

Stress is bullshit, don't let it make you piss your pants..

Maybe it's time for you to take a vacation if you're that stressed out

I forgot to open the lid once. Remembered the pants though.

I think the bigger FML here is when he has to explain the piss all over his pants to his co-workers..

I really hope that he happens to have a change of clothes at his office or in the car. I also hope he was able to stop peeing right after he started so hopefully it's not a huge wet spot. I think if I worked in an office or at an important job where how you are dressed matters, I would either leave a change of clothes in my office or in my car. There are so many things that could happen that make you need a change of clothes; from spilling coffee, to dropping your lunch, getting caught in a downpour, and apparently, even peeing your pants.

Wow, stress reduced you to a two year old! I'd say find another job. I suggest mattress-test-sleeper. Joking aside, I hope you had a change of clothes at hand!

Time for a vacation eh?