By Titi14 - 04/03/2010 03:19 - United States

Today, my best friend decided she wanted to tell my boyfriend about the time I pissed myself laughing at her house. When she was telling the story I ended up laughing so hard, that I pissed myself again. FML
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Radi0Waves 0

Yikes... you need some bladder control

iamghostbad 0

wow were you "pissed off?" sorry I had to.


looks like u have a problem... u shuld get help.... ydi for not finding a solution for ur pissing while u laugh prob.

How does she deserve it? I love having hilarious flashbacks. Always enertaining.

im2good25 0

wow you pissed yourself.....are you going to die now?

I love hilarious flashbacks too, but is there one here? OP,how is it funny listening to someone tell an embarassing story about you to your boyfriend?

FireNinja 3

I find the fact you pissed yourself to be hot. did you know there is a fetish called the peeing fetish? or "watersports" as it's also called. maybe she doesn't have a problem but just enjoys the feel of it.

YourEvilHero 12

women always pissin everywhere tryin to mark their territory

thoughtcrimeno1 0

maybe OP is a senior citizen? and this entire scenario took place in a retirement home right before med time

Pissing yourself as a fetish isn't called watersports, it's called omorashi (japanese for self-wetting) I didn't make it up, I simply read it somewhere. srsly FU4chan

kaleid0scopeEyes 0

yeah sure you read it "somewhere."

pfft ur a sped


the person who said they have a peeing fetish is creepy O_O unless it's a squirting fetish...

that's disgusting...

Totally pissed myself laughing reading this one....jk If she was just with her best friend it really isn't too bad...just play along like you meant it to happen...just don't laugh about it in the future as that will lead to another embarrassing incident...It's like your stuck in a loop lol

supastarr 0

you should go back to wearing diapers then you can laugh and piss yourself all you want




enternamehere77 3

I pissed myself laughing at this (well no not really xD)

Is your name Will Ripey? And have you been to the sleepaway camp in NC? if it's not you, sorry other person!! just looks like someone I know...

KingGeorgeGal 12

FYL, Sometimes I can't even hold it in when I laugh too hard. I did at a friend's house too and she told her whole family.-___-

Radi0Waves 0

Yikes... you need some bladder control

ever consider to use daiper?

bihero 0

or bringing ur toilet around . incase she laughs so much

LOL. it's all happened to us before. well. maybe not actually. :S

iamghostbad 0

wow were you "pissed off?" sorry I had to.

Nah, lame joke win!

SulfurPlague 0

A swing and a miss.

I agree with #1 lol. I think you have yourself a problem :p. But i don't think you deserve it lol.

wow!!! AJG930 is hotttttttttt!!!

and you're not.

Thank you[: & # 61.. That was mean lol.

hahaha 61 = WIN!

masterblaster39 0

Guess the thong budget just got a raise. This time buy yellow ones so they blend in!

did u drink it after???? hahaha jkjk.... maybe not who knows??!

that sucks. that's gross. get your bladder some help.

mama2b3 20


haha you have a huge urethra that you can't keep closed

lol..... hehe "puddles"

crackiebob 0

ydi nasty