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  FireNinja  |  3

I find the fact you pissed yourself to be hot. did you know there is a fetish called the peeing fetish? or "watersports" as it's also called. maybe she doesn't have a problem but just enjoys the feel of it.

  d4m4s74  |  12

Pissing yourself as a fetish isn't called watersports, it's called omorashi (japanese for self-wetting)
I didn't make it up, I simply read it somewhere. srsly


  DGross  |  8

Totally pissed myself laughing reading this one....jk

If she was just with her best friend it really isn't too bad...just play along like you meant it to happen...just don't laugh about it in the future as that will lead to another embarrassing incident...It's like your stuck in a loop lol

  12luck34  |  0

Is your name Will Ripey? And have you been to the sleepaway camp in NC? if it's not you, sorry other person!! just looks like someone I know...