By snarly1 - 03/01/2012 08:14 - United States

Today, it was our one year anniversary. After a surprise re-creation of our first date, we went home, in the mood for love. The food poisoning from the restaurant had a different idea. FML
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Just give up, they're going to thumb you down no matter what you do. OP, better luck next year.


Well was that part of your first dare too?

Just give up, they're going to thumb you down no matter what you do. OP, better luck next year.

GovernorGeneral 8

Have the receipt ready and take pictures of yourself and your wife puking as evidence and SUE THE RESTAURANT!!!!!! SUE THEM I TELL YA!!

Actually 65, I'm pretty sure OP wasn't ******...

First! Now I'll go thumb down my own comment.

I gave you a thumbs up since you were actually #2. Anyway, don't let the poisoning stop you. Who knows, maybe you'll discover a new kink for vomiting/diarrhea during sex? ...*vomits from the thought*

Fail. Not only is the first crap old and juvenile, you are not even first. Boy you suck at life. :)

Okay on the other one you put "that sucks"...what's the point of commenting when you're not going to be at all original?

Yep you caught me, I'm a stalker, there's no way I could have just remembered her picture from the last FML I was on just seconds ago

15 you stole the words right out of my mouth

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stole the chunks right out of your mouth?

Lool #24 keeps snapping at #4 x) why so mean?

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The chunks are the only thing getting blown tonite

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Yeah because fast food and romance always fits.

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((I always get sick at McChunkies. )) A lot of people take dates to fast food places... in Fatsoville, but only if you live in Poortown. Mhm.

Call your local Health Department and tell them the restaurant you went to Poisoned you and your partner and had fallen ill.

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Food poisoning is almost impossible to prove and manifests 24-48 hours after consumption. It didn't come from that restaurant.

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I'm sure you went home and had a good night. Jk, food poisoning ******* sucks and makes my insides want to come out.

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That would be funny if it happened the first time as well!