By fatandsad - / Tuesday 3 January 2012 14:57 / United States
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  downtime  |  35

It may suck but who doesn't check before buying something large whether or not it actually fits in their home? ESPECIALLY in an apartment, because you know you haven't got anywhere outside of the home to put it and still be able to use it.

  hellraisedfire  |  35

haha I wouldn't have even thought to check ceilings :/ but mine are 15+ ft high (and I'm in a first floor apartment) so as long as I don't go higher than 10ft up I'm good xD and I'll fight you for it!! *pulls out snake and skittles*

  perdix  |  37

Man, if she falls for that and sends me a video of herself working out naked, I'm sending it to you and I'll buy you a beer for being a great wingman!

By  redmnky21  |  15

how low are ur ceilings or how tall in the machine? I don't see why you can't return it, its not like its underwear, most companies have a buyers remorse period

By  deadbabies  |  11

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  downtime  |  11

56 Also, it doesn't follow the theme of those commercials. It wasn't just 1 main cost followed by a few vaguely related points that don't tie in to the punchline, usually the final comment wrapped up all the key points.

  downtime  |  11

Weird. Your wife left me for being an over-opinionated asshole who always has to make condescending cynical remarks. Maybe shes just a bitch with unrealistic expectations of people.

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