By fatandsad - United States
Today, I bought a $450 elliptical machine to get in shape of the new year. After 5 hours of putting it together, I realized that all the ceilings in every room of my apartment are too low for me to use it without hitting my head. I can't return it. FML
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  perdix  |  29

Man, if she falls for that and sends me a video of herself working out naked, I'm sending it to you and I'll buy you a beer for being a great wingman!

By  redmnky21  |  8

how low are ur ceilings or how tall in the machine? I don't see why you can't return it, its not like its underwear, most companies have a buyers remorse period

By  deadbabies  |  0

Elliptical machine: $450

Your daily food consumption: $500

Monthly budget for broken chairs your fat ass has to replace: $1000

The look on your face when you realize buying a tape measure and reading the dimensions would have saved you $450: Priceless

  downtime  |  12

56 Also, it doesn't follow the theme of those commercials. It wasn't just 1 main cost followed by a few vaguely related points that don't tie in to the punchline, usually the final comment wrapped up all the key points.

  downtime  |  12

Weird. Your wife left me for being an over-opinionated asshole who always has to make condescending cynical remarks. Maybe shes just a bitch with unrealistic expectations of people.