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Nope. I'm confused, too. Is she suggesting she got food poisoning from her boyfriend's family? Did she cook for them, and they may also have food poisoning? Or did she cook, meet his family, then end up with food poisoning the day after? I need to know how bad this FML really is.

By  AstroTurfMatador  |  11

For all the people that are confused about this FML:

I believe since the OP was doing the cooking, they got food poisoning from the meal they prepared the day before for the boyfriend's family. Food poisoning can take a day a 2 to show symptoms.

By  d3rpb0t  |  10

How are people getting that OP got food poison from the boyfriend's family? The first statement literally says "I got food poisoning for the first time AFTER COOKING," therefore they were the one doing the cooking. The second statement about OP meeting the boyfriend's seems unrelated by wording, but the fact that it's even included in the first place means it is related, and the only relationship between OP getting food poisoning from her own cooking and meeting her boyfriend's family in the context of a FML, is if she did the cooking for them to make a good first impression, and likely gave them food poisoning as well.

Unless I'm missing something here. Lord knows I've had my moments at sucking at reading between the lines...

By  Gwengreen  |  6

I took it as she is spending the weekend with the family. The fml is 1. She can’t cook without making herself sick 2. She has the pleasure of nastiness coming out of both ends around them. Not the best first impression.

By  Gobane  |  1

It's a complicated situation which I did not understand until the end. You poisoned your boyfriend's family with food? That's not a problem.
Make a night for you both and give him a couple of these pills as these .