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  kybabyy  |  4

I was replying to Ali, who said she deserved it if she ate the same food that got her sick in the first place.
Try reading before you try to make smartass remarks, kay? =3

  jade567  |  0

well you aren't very nice are you?

now why don't you show me where that comment is that says OP deserves it because I do not see it at all.

*cough* *bitch* *cough*

and thanks for calling me a dick... I'm a girl.

  kybabyy  |  4

How will my life go on if you don't want to talk to me? D= Oh noes.

I still have it. The app just makes me angry =/
It takes 438294 years to update!

  RaIeigh  |  0

Gahh, it's 4am here too :/
But I have a mild case of insomnia so I usually don't get to bed till about 5 or so anyway :].. Which is kinda lame in this case because I have to be up in less than 4 hours.

  RaIeigh  |  0

Because it's my sister's graduation in the morning. I have to be up by at least 8 to get ready cause it takes me forever, haha (:
I had my finals about 3 or so weeks ago, and I'm so glad they're over and done with. Been on summer vacation since then.
It seems you've thrown you're sleeping patterns off with all that staying up late :P. You just have to force yourself to sleep in those cases lol.
I'm in Texas for now, but I won't be here anymore when August comes around.

  RaIeigh  |  0

Ahah, I do the same thing! I used to stay up all night and then sleep most of the day away because I used to work in the afternoons, but now my hours got switched to morning shifts :(
Lol, damn you might need to invest in some nyquil. Just saying (:
I'm transferring to NY for uni also. I go to uni in Houston right now, but I'm being offered a job up there so I'm taking it :]. Plus I was born in NY so it's kinda like going back home for me.

  RaIeigh  |  0

I'm from the city also. I was born and partially raised in Manhattan, so I can understand where you're coming from when you say the traffic scares you haha.
Nyquil is so beast, lol. It works wonders :P. So, what have you been up to on your summer vacation?
But wait, don't reply on here because I'm falling asleep on my keyboard :3
If you ever get on the site and not the app, drop me a message and let me know.
Goodnight (:

  tencentsakiss  |  19

Raleigh: v8 had a tv ad campaign where people would have something bad happen to them or something and someone would facepalm them and say "you could have had a v8". they're not that prevalent anymore. I don't think v8 really has commercials anymore

  Galex7471  |  4

I'm not even so sure that she has food poisoning now.. If she hasn't eaten solid food in over a week, she probably should've stayed home and stuck to more simple foods like toast. The food was probably way too rich for her stomach to handle after not eating solid foods for a week.

  Sgrocks  |  5

youch tht sucks dnt they mak u drink hot water or something In da hospital to mak u vomit the food??damn tht sucks.speocally to me I hat te common stomache virus

  Talented1_fml  |  0

Real unlucky! I hope it wasn't your fault and this could be a crap fml like many of the ones I have read lately.... I walked into a room and didn't turn the light on tripped on a chair and broke my leg... or I didn't fuck my bf for months because I was punishing him and he fucked another girl!!

Really hate idiots that deserved it but winge on fml!!

  xFaust_fml  |  12

Yeaj, generally. It lasted two weeks for me. Well the puking and fever only two days, but i couldn't eat much and felt like i was going to die for two weeks.

Hope it's not the case for OP though.

Love your picture 10!