By siannacasey - 03/07/2011 20:53 - United States

Today, I left my bedroom window open to let in some fresh air while I slept. A skunk got in and sprayed my room. FML
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Ew, hire someone to clean it up or trick your sibling (if you have one) into switched rooms with you(;

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That is a stinky situation(;

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ur shit outta luck there and my picture says it all

flockz 19

holy shit thats creepy as **** ^^^^

14.. run while you can. 65. you are creepy as hell.. control your hormones damn.. this site isn't lavalife.

Dude!! ****, go on e-harmony if you want to hook up. But no one needs to see that shit here.

can I know what he said? or is better left unknown?


it was moded tell me what it said D:

Hey dumbasses in the northwest not many homes have screens. So shut the **** up.

you wanted fresh air... Well, you got the best thing next to it! fresh gas! ...And a smelly room, house, body, but that's not the point!

no it's stoners those bastards. must have hotboxed their room.

so does murder, and gay sex, and multiracial orgies

MULTIRACIAL??!!! What has the world come to?

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Is there something wrong with gay sex and multiracial orgies? I participated in the same time... last night. >.>?!

really? where? I might have been there! :)

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Barnstable (Cape Cod) ^_^

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dude your picture is nasty as hell.

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you can't get what you always want.

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musical your retarded it's " you don't always get what you want" not whatever you said

Gabe you're retarded, it's you're retarded.

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Actually's "you CAN'T always get what you want" fail.

a skunk climbing in through the window.. meh not so likely.. a person climbing thru the window to smoke weed... believable.

Yes because weed smells like skunk ass... and if it does then who needs tomato juice when you can smoke skunk ass... nevermind. Hope one tries to smoke skunk ass in honor of me.

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that's exactly what I thought. someone probably just smoked some dank ass bud in your room.

Meant no one. Shit! Now they might be someone out there trying to smoke skunk ass. 8)

damn that's a good excuse for the next time I'm blazin in my room

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hope you learned your lesson! :)

That stinks! Lol jk, puns are for losers.

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you have a mentality i think i dont like

hey guy above me do it b!tch pull the trigger you won't.