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Today, it was my one year anniversary with my boyfriend. We had dinner reservations to an expensive restaurant and planned to see a movie after. At least, we did, until he called to tell me he'd volunteered to work tonight. He won't get off until 2am. FML
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yeah but HE voulenteered. on their annaversery night. sooo that does suck, because he didnt have to go to work.

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Take another guy to the expensive restaurant and you'll get off way before 2 am. Several times, if you are lucky! ;)


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Yeah, maybe he needs more money to take you to those expensive dinners you demand for anniversaries.

Ha ha. Yup I did. But that wasn't my point :p.

Ha ha. Not quite :p. He managed to cheat on me twice lol. So I wouldn't say he loved me. Once was before that and once was after. So.. No :p.

Ha ha. Doesn't matter anymore :p. But yup pretty much lol.

he obviously cheated cuz he wanted sex and didn't get it. guys want it NOW, there is no waiting.

Except for the fact that I said he cheated on me after that too. So that apparently wasn't actually the reason. And I don't want to be with a guy who will just because he isn't getting sex anyways. If he doesn't care enough to wait then I don't care enough to be with him.

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OP, boyfriend-girlfriend anniversaries mean nothing, so quit being a money hungry bitch and stop whining about him having to work for a living.

I think the real fml is to him for having you as his girlfriend

yeah but HE voulenteered. on their annaversery night. sooo that does suck, because he didnt have to go to work.

aww I'm sorry OP. plan something the next day! :)

however deathcab has a point, yalls anniversary mustve not meat much if he ******* volunteered...maybe he's a cheater!

wow! waiting a year for me would be awesome BUT I'm too horny lolz

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Yea , but what the **** regardless he shouldve at least canceled volunteer work . shit ,

It sucks but maybe he needs the money. He might even be saving up to get you something special so ignore the people who say he doesn't care. Celebrate the next day. It's not a huge deal.

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No , why do girls always accuse of guys of cheating ! bull shit x(

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go out tomorrow night you stupid bitch. he has to work. it's not like your married. bf/gf anniversarys are no big deal so get off your high horse and realize that while you may not have a life except to count the days you've been dating him, he does have a life besides you

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re-read this FML. it said he VOLUNTEERED, he didn't HAVE to work.

What is more important your dinner or him showing initiative at work and getting a promotion and raise to buy you that purse and shoes you always wanted?

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he's probably cheating! lol

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u dont get paid when you volunteer

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Excellent observation #61, except he's not volunteering, he volunteered to work, at his job, which he gets paid for. Volunteered in this sense in synonymous with offered. Please think and read before your place your hands on the keyboard to type an idiotic response.

She says "volunteered". More likely he was pressured into working by a demanding boss. Cut the guy some slack, he's just trying to keep his job.

oh ya he's "working" all night long.

mfmylifesrsly..if your horny..text me..because I love you

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fmylife: the newest place to hit on underage girls!

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cuz alot of guys are playyyyaaahzzz

@ 75 Hey dumbass heed your own advice. It doesn't say volunteer work but that he volunteered to work. Jesus ****, FAIL.

#75 You fail.. Ahh girls and the word expensive goes hand in hand. They allways seem to think that men's love for them is proportional to the money they are willing to spend on them. Smart move by your boyfriend. I don't see the point in taking you out and spendin alot of money on food when you can just stay in the kitchen where you belong and make it yourself. YDI OP

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yea furreal please late nite sex Hello? get over it uu guys can have A perfect nite at Home when he gets Off so stop whinin

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#93 sounds like another bitter teenage guy who hasn't had much actual interaction with girls because he is obese/smelly/weird/a mouth breather. since women avoid him like the plague, he vents his fustrations by bitching about girls while sitting on the internet for 14 hours a day. every girl in the world isn't like the characters on Sex and the City or Flavor of Love. not every woman is obsessed with money and demands their boyfriends/husbands to pamper them. normal guys with social lives know this. lonely weird kids who sit on their computer all day don't. but hey, if bitching about women makes your life seem a little less sad, go ahead.

lol @99 93: because obviously the only thing women are good for is sex and making food... damn I was wrong... I was thinking they were people too :-/ The reality is that taking a girl out to a nice place to eat sounds like a great idea and then following it up with a movie + ?? means it was well thought out. I doubt he made all those plans and told the OP about them only to say "screw you I'm gonna work... got your hopes up right?". Volunteer or not, work is work... maybe he works for a volunteer rescue squad... That is how it is in our town; they are paid but it is volunteer work. Maybe it was going to be a busy night and the chief told him to be on alert, so instead of running out in the middle of dinner he decided to replan and go in that night.

Expensive dinners and movies don't pay for themselves. Quit crying. YDI

Fail #99. I am pretty, I have a girlfriend and I don't even have a computer. And I'm too old to be a teenager unfortunately:/ So don't play Dr. Phil online please.

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I think he didn't want to pay the expensive dinner.. also keep an eye on him and make sure he's not cheating on you

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@109: your saying you don't have a computer, yet you have an FML account???

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um work didnt 'come up' he volunteered

#140 I get to borrow my girlfriends laptop now and then. Also I have an Iphone with FML app.

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i have an iPhone too and you can't post a picture on it. and if you really do borrow you gf's laptop, than y do u have an fml account?do you borrow it soley to look up **** and fml??

I dont have a picture so I dont get why you are talking about that. I use it for ****, fml, facebook, news and to pay bills. Thats about it as I dont spend much time on her laptop.

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He volunteered to work, which means he either, A, called up and asked if there was a spot open, or B, he was called in. Either way, saying "deal with life" is rude. Shame on YOU.

Reschedule? Big deal... I don't get the FML.

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it was their annaversary and the guy VOLENTEERED for extra work when he promised to take her out..this is why it's an FML..f*ck her life cuz her bf dosnt care or is cheep

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it's not that bad think of the good side at least he didn't dump u

wait, your boyfriend VOLUNTEERED to work? Um, maybe it's to pay for the expensive restaurant and movie. This really isn't FML worthy, sorry.

Right on, how was this not the first post, it makes the most sense!

Yeah, brilliant. 'Uh, how about I take you out to dinner on our anniversary? Of course, I don't have the money, so I'll be going to work that night in order to earn the money so that I can spend the money on the dinner that night. But I won't be there that night. Okay?'

now that I think about it. you could always just dump him because you obviously don't realize that him staying longer means more money or him to take you out...

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Oh, boo hoo. You likely wouldn't have the OPTION of an expensive restaurant or the movies unless he was volunteering to work. Volunteers pretty much have to work when they're needed.

I don't think he's doing volunteer work; he volunteered to work as in he told his boss he would work extra hours (probably for extra money).

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PWNED. I could see this happening to Snickerdoodles in a couple years.

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Really? You're bitching about him having to work? At least he HAS a job. I'm sure you could be just a little more selfish if you tried, OP. Oh wait. Maybe not.

How the f**k is everyone in the comments section overlooking the fact that OP's boyfriend VOLUNTEERED to work a night shift on their ANNIVERSARY on which they already had plans scheduled? You're all making me lose faith in humanity...

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I could see if he needed the money, but if you guys are doing ok and he didn't need to then I'd be slightly pissed at him. Nothing huge though.