By anonymoose - 30/05/2013 00:39 - Australia - Adelaide

Today, in the middle of our one year anniversary dinner, my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend showed up declaring her love for him. They left together and I had to take the bus home. FML
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Ah what a wonderful world.

What the hell. These two must think they're in a f***ing romance movie. FYL OP


Ah what a wonderful world.

Did he still pay the bill, or was he even to shitty for that?

If he does it with her, chances are he'll do it to her.

Full with surprises

At least she knows that this guy was not ver his ex. Otherwise she would get hurt by him when it's too late...

Wow, that's just horrible OP. How did she know where you two were though?

flockz 19

simple. she used night vision goggles, a windsock, and a globe.

OPs boyfriend told her. Clearly. If she was stalking him he wouldn't have gone home with her. And if she was stalking him and he still left with her? Bullet. Dodged.

He probably told her. A girl wouldn't declare her love for no reason. He had to give her some inclining to her doin so!

flockz 19

so what kind of food did you have?

Forget about him. You can do better

You'll be having the last laugh when they break up again. You deserve much more than that piece of shit.

What the hell. These two must think they're in a f***ing romance movie. FYL OP

And that's a good thing. I love it when cheesy movie stuff happens in real life.

What a dickface. I'm sorry that happened to you doll.

That freaking sucks. How the hell did she know where you guys were though?

Saw their food on instagram.

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Used the twitter and facebook map and location feature.

Wow...just wow....

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I thought that only happened in movies

it's not the embarrassment that gets you....its the sense of betrayal.