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Today, it was my first day on the job as a first grade teacher. One student pushed another, so I asked him to apologize. His response? "If you boss me around, I'll tell Daddy you touched me somewhere you shouldn't have." I think I'm now this kid's slave. FML
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Buttsexpirate 9

I'd report that little shit to his parents. Don't let him boss you around or else more and more kids will follow and you'll be miserable. Stand up for yourself!

Is it me, or are children getting less and less respectful at a sickeningly fast rate?


Buttsexpirate 9

I'd report that little shit to his parents. Don't let him boss you around or else more and more kids will follow and you'll be miserable. Stand up for yourself!

poemqueen 15

What's the chance the parents will believe their little "angel" could do something like that though? And I totally agree with you. If that doesn't stop though ask to have the student switched to a different classroom

Most adults tend to believe other adults over children if presented with information in a clear, calm manner. I liked 1's comment because it's sensible. And his name is funny.

OP, grow a ******* pair and take the advice of a rando on the internet named Buttsexpirate. Not even being sarcastic.

enonymous 8

This kid in college will protect women and setup dates for them... He will have a stable of girls to protect and watch out for on their dates. All while collecting 50%.

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LinTurk 4

#27 I don't think they were suggesting putting him in second grade. Just in another first grade classroom with, perhaps, a more experienced teacher.

#32 because every primary school is large enough to have more than one class per grade. Actually, the three primary schools I went to all had one class per grade.

I see this kid holding up a rape doll in the future if you don't follow everything this kid says. Honestly, it's a first grade kid that's seen way too much tv, and she's learned from it. The parents would probably disagree with you when you brought it up, so you'll probably lose your job and have to register in the Sex Offender Registry, on top of jail time. I don't really see a way out, unless you quit. That's just the way I see this happening, personalities in parents may differ.

1 there will be buttsecks?! :D

superangryandy 2

17- that would be hard for op considering she's a woman

AaronTkr 0

#40 just ******* shut up omfg.

#70 you mad? Come at me bro. I ain't scared.

Capt_Awesome137 0

#40 I guess your schools are weird...or probably just smaller. All of mine had at least 2 sometimes 3.

mama8809 0

And call his dad

PYLrulz 17

#40 - My elementary school had 3 classes per grade (about 500 kids K-6, so about 70 per grade, give or take) My guess is, you went to a smaller school.

Actually in my old elementary there were two of every grade. Now that my brother goes there there's as little as three or four of each grade. They had to build multiple portables to house the extra classes.

You went to some upper small schools that definitely were not public schools. Most schools have multiple classes per grade unless it is a super expensive or exclusive school.

Never underestimate the ability of a normally intelligent adult to turn into a gullible idiot when it comes to their children and believe the most preposterous nonsense. A lot of parents are of the belief that the sun shines out of their children's backsides and they either do not lie or would never lie to them, and thus their story must be true.

This day in age, kids are given way to much power and the government makes them untouchable.

sutianneli 13

dude too much beef chill

To all those people saying to move the kid to another class, IMO, if a kid is naughty enough to get moved out of one class, especially at such a young age, he should be expelled from the school all together.

krazy_glu3 0

What? One teacher per grade??? Was your town population 10? My elem school (k-5) had six teachers per grade. Seriously OP you're already being bossed around by a lil kid? If you have a mic on your phonetry recording him saying that and then call the parents in for a parent teacher conference and play the recording.

Kyuubi1589 1

40 - You shouldn't assume things from your experience. My elementary school had 4-5 classes per grade, except Kindergarten where there were 3. And yes, it was a public school.

Shadow1368 17

My school has one teacher per grade, Jk-8. Except grades 5 and 8 have two teachers. OP, I think u should tell the parents what their child said and hopefully they believe you. You cannot let this go unnoticed because if the child acts like that at the beginning of the year, who knows what they will act like later?

irishgirl92x 1

I would not take that it makes it harder for kids who really go threw sexual abuse to come out when little ***** like that make up bullshit I would be arranging a meeting with 1- the principle and 2 - the parents and have the principle with u ! that is disgusting and should be taken very seriously ! u need to nip this in the bud b4 it gets outta control

cheese_doodle 1

@144 - I grew up in what I believe was a small community. Yet most of the classes (P-12) had 2 teachers. It just all depends on the school board and the number of students. But in relation to OP : Don't let this kid own you. Bring it to your superiors. If he 'threatens' it again, contact his parents and explain the situation exactly as it happened. Some parents are usually understanding (unless the boy learned this from his father, then best of luck) Make sure the rest of the class understands that what he is doing is wrong, so they don't follow.

mbrooks5110 0


Whether you go to parents or not, report this incident to your co-workers and superiors NOW. You need your story on file in case it escalates. Depending on recording laws in your state, you might also be able to use a concealed audio recorder and get them to repeat the threat. Some states use 'single party' consent to recording, wherein consent is assumed for being recorded by a person if it is given to talking to them in the first place. This means you couldn't hide in someone's closet, wiretap or bug them, but you could have a simple mp3 player with a microphone in your breast pocket, for example. This is not simply for your benefit. It is for the child's. They need to learn, immediately, that they are going to meet people who push back if they try to oppress others. And they need to learn it before trying to do the same, decades down the road, to someone who will murder them for it.

LaydiexSkull 3

Can you all stop arguing about your elementary school class sizes? Different school districts have different systems and class sizes and what not.

FMLoverAgain 7

Yes you need to report that to the principal and the parents. That bully needs to be stopped right there!

jessesgirl14 16

What Poe dunk town do you come from?! My daughters school has 4 first grade classes! From kinder to 5th there are 600+ students in her school.... And her school is the smallest elementary school in our town!

Hate to troll, but this reminds of this report i read in a psychology book, a kindergarden teacher was charged everything from rape to animal sacrifice from student testamony*. What happend was the kids were being uncooperative (suprise?) and were then told that kids who talked about it were "smart" and kids who didn't were "dumb"? The kids made up the entire thing because the liked the praise. Moral of the story is to never let your kids watch CNN past their bedtime.

PopRocks14 0

This FML goes great with the FML below it..

'Accidentally' butt dial the little shit's parents with your mobile in your pocket, and then have a chat with him so he repeats that. Get him to clarify exactly what he means to do.

emmanizzer 6

This kind of reminds me of The Crucible.... Dang.

#112 Wrong wording...

Unfortunately, what poemqueen said... Too many parents refuse to admit the possibility that their little crotchspawn is anything but a perfect angel. It also doesn't help that society will sooner jump down the throat of the accused than accept the accusation may be bull and will only remember that said person was accused.

Ur dumb. Do you relle think there would only be one class per grade? WTF?

bigguy123456 2

Thats hillarious although its true.. Lol

my primary school had 3 classes for 1st graders

naida123 0

Your a little ******* **** gtfo

145* through

Just how stupid are you?

Kids say the darndest things don't they?

yomommma 6

She should record him saying that.

bwenduh45 7

Your now his bitch.

kiran_fml 5

She should have sent him to the principal right when he said it

That's easy just tell the parents a day before then prove it by bossing him around and he will scream like a girl to his parents and they will know you told the truth or just report him to the parents they would know if their kid is a shit hole or not unless he's hiding then your ******

Orcina1 3


When I was young and threatened to call child services, my father used to tell me that "he'd give them a reason to put him away", and then emphasized how long it would take them to get there. I'd say you should make the same promise in this situation. Go on... Have a little feel.

Was that a russell peters reference?

yeah that definitely is.. LOL.

No, actually. But Russell Peters is a genius.

aFatFuck 0

Yeah that's a Russel Peters reference. Except for the fact that he was talking about how his dad would threaten to beat the shit out of him before child services arrived and I don't think the teacher wants to do that (probably wants to actually)

daydreamer244 13

teachers getting bullied by the students?? what's next...?

superangryandy 2

Bullies giving nerds lunch money?

Nerds giving nerds wedgies?

That's just nerd on nerd violence.

Yo dawg

Emo kids on football team

Nerd's bullying the popular 'til the kill themselves gays bullying the straight schools punishing the kids who actually deserve it. smart people get F's.... Timmy Turner's everywhere finally getting A's

Blackmail111 9


sxe_beast 11

I'm a "jock" and I get straight A's. But I'm also a "nerd". In addition to this I'm openly gay. And I've bullied people... O.o?!

Malkria 1

169...... That's a gross picture.....

sonofkarma 5

what a contradiction!

drewfus2 6

169 Is a jack-of-all-trades

Fat chicks on cheerleading...

sammie91michelle 0

Teacher dateing student oh wait that happen lol shitt

sxe_beast 11

My mother "encourages" (forces) her children to participate in as many extra curricular activities as humanly possible. O.o

Well op you could always tell him if he dose that you xan fail him. Or record it next time and show the principal

alexisssssssss 0

That is kind of mean. Im almost positive there is a jock out there with strait A's that is also kind of stereo typical because seriously your just going off by what we see in the movies.

Is it me, or are children getting less and less respectful at a sickeningly fast rate?

That is correct.

100% accurate. Soon little 7 year olds are probably going to swear at each other. Then...well uh I'd rather not find out.

7 year olds already swear like sailors. At least the ones I've seen. I think I actually LEARNED a few words from them...

KennKenn 0

Probably cause schools stopped using physical punishment.

I'm only 17 and I look at kids who are like 10 who are swearing like sailors and being completely disrespectful, I would NEVER have done that when I was that young, it's kinda worrying

I agree with KennKenn. Last week, I was working in some sort of holiday-class. Because it was in the holidays and it was on 'free-base' (many children were forced by their parents/the school to come), we couldn't punish them. We couldn't give notes, extra homework, there wasn't a was al based on the goodwill of the pupils. So there were kids walking in and out of classrooms, talking and shouting, playing with their cellphones, eating chewing-gum, refusing to make the exercises, acting towards me like I was a potential date (How old are you, miss? Can I have your phone number, miss? Where do you live, miss? Do you have sex, miss?)...That was one of those times I wish I could beat them. Don't get me wrong, I am completely against beating pupils, i like the system like it is, but it's very though if you can't punish them properly. You have to earn power and their respect, you don't get it for free anymore.

RainbowHeadache 2

When I was a younger kid I feared the teachers & older kids. But when I was a sr in H.S. none of the younger kids looked up to or respected me, the teachers, the other srs or anyone else for that matter. They're all defiant little ***** that need their asses handed to them. I'm glad my dad made me get switches off of the fig tree in our yard.

krazy_glu3 0

The younger generation scares me. Just proves that we WILL kill ourselves in the future. Kids swearing up a storm, 10 yr olds having sex, 14 yr olds getting pregnant. Holy f*ck!!! When I was 10 I didn't even know what sex fully was. I was more worried about boy bands, school, talking to friends, not having sex! I really really really fear for my younger brother and my two boys.... The world had turned to crap, and it's NOT getting any better.

I think it's pretty important to look at why they're becoming ***** at such an alarming rate. With today's media, it's hard not to get exposure. Same with today's society. Kids have to learn somewhere. I know plenty of people who refuse to even cuss because their upbringing didn't promote that. It's all a matter of the environment you grow up in.

hamncheeseinit 6

They already do

Krazy_glu3, please, calm down. The majority of teenagers and the world itself didn't change that much. There were and will always be disrespectful and braindead children, that's not new. What is new, is the media showing all those little incidents on a big screen. A good education and a good home would solve a lot.

SneakherHead 5


sxe_beast 11

The world isn't turning to crap. Its always been crap. Its not getting any worse than it always has been. And I'm sure it'll never get any better. Every generation has its faults. The past generations have completely ****** America up. This country is a shithole. Our generation isn't responsible for the massive debt and political corruptness.

Yeah. My high school is crap. 3rd day of school a kid cursed out the principal. And America's kids are getting dumber by the second. People can't get the fact that each room has a room number. I have already read the entire mythology of the Norse and Egyptians, the Twilight Reign series (not the gay vampire series, dumbass) books 1-4, To Kill a Mockingbird, White Fang, Call of the Wild, the 6-part War of the Spider Queen series, and 100%ed HL2(all episodes), and both Portal games. Some kids played Call of Duty for 3 months. And probably think they did something amazing.

drewfus2 6

I am personally quite alarmed by most children I see in my school. I find it terrifying. I am 13 and have read the Illiad, Stephen King, Robert Jordan, George R.R. Martin, and Frank Herbert among many others. I read Harry Potter in 3rd grade. Most of my 'peers' have not read a book longer than 200 pages. I saw no less than 3 people reading Captain Underpants last year, and it took one 3 months. It's a terrifying thought that these people are the future of our country. I hope that there are more like me out there, or we're doomed.

soooo the ability to read does not directly affect or relate to intelligence. yes, communication, including comprehension and understanding of the written word, is a vital and integral part of our society, but I know plenty of highly intelligent, pleasant, harkworking, and successful people who either don't or can't read anything longer than a short story or comic. maybe you should all shut up about what you've read; bragging about such lit-class fodder as White Fang simply makes one look underexperienced in the world of literature. also, Stephen King is marvellous if you crave gratuitous and often unnecessary violence, but is puerile and devoid of substance beyond that, with some notable exceptions (see The Dark Tower series).

Ya mofo

My 4 year old cousin already swears like a sailor. Her parents dont do anything about it that's why.

Blame the parents.

Rectov 10

Shoot all the kids!

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slushpup9696 12

It's easy to sound badass over the internet, isn't it?

theten_fml 9

Even though that was stupid it was funny

glutgyoogle 6

You're cool eh?

fthislyfe 22

It was not funny at all.

NoahStaz 3

New invention: Toilet Paper

That's just plain ass wrong and stupid.

Fuck you and everything you will ever be.

your a ******* low life dumbass

Please don't reproduce and on the off chance that you do, don't. Please.

Nahh, you're his bitch.

KaitlynxD 5

That is a smart kid.

It makes me wonder how that conference would go... "Your small child is blackmailing me." Not supposed to go here. FML has the hiccups.

I agree, however it's obviously wrong and he has been watching too much tv.

a_nutritionist 10

a smart kid wouldnt get themselves into that situation to begin with. by the way, what theyve done is essentially black list themselves as a bad student for the duration of their life. this teacher will report to the principal, this will get around the school, there will be monitoring and the childs parents will be notified and brought in. as expulsion is almost never done anymore its unlikely they will leave the school, but no teacher in that school will trust them again. you still think its a smart kid?

Don't play pussy! Fill the parents in asap and hopefully save that little douche from himself... Smdh!

Parents will take the word of a kid , unfortunatelly, during these times Please read #113 and #146's comment,

LoveCali 0

Smarty Pants..Lol.!:)