By TheJazzKid - United States
Today, I played a Jazz gig. It rained, making the tent the band performed under heavy with water. When I stepped forward to play my solo, the front end of the tent collapsed under the weight of the rain, drenching me. FML
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  sarabraun8  |  7

Shouldve kept playing like the rain was part of the show and come out on top. Like j-Lo when her music got cut off at one of her concerts, she was still dancing and singing.

  dre_bro11  |  12

38, I take it 6 does not literally think that all the people who attend these jazz gigs are old, but from a stereotypical point of view, which is how a lot if people judge nowadays (me included) you tend to associate music genres such as jazz with the elderly, hence where 6 was coming from.

  ShroomsOnAcid  |  16

People who think that only old people listen to jazz surely haven't heard John Zorn's Moonchild album, or the Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble (or an insane amount of jazz fusion with genres like IDM). Any old hunched-over, undie-shitting, brittle-boned, half-deaf grandpa jamming out to Moonchild is awesome in my book. Or maybe it's just that he's half deaf and can barely distinguish what he's listening to. Regardless, jazz is too vast a genre to even stereotype. Those who can do that clearly don't know squat about what jazz is. Not that anyone really does.

  bassoonist527  |  0

It does, actually. My boyfriend plays trombone in our school's amazing Jazz band, and he takes solos all the time. I'm absolutely sure that he's had more girlfriends than you've ever had. I'm his first.