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Today, I babysat a 9-year-old kid for the first time. The moment his parents left the house, the little shit looked me dead in the eyes and let me know that if I didn't let him do whatever he wanted, he'd tell his parents that I touched him in his "no-no place". Suddenly I hate kids. FML
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I would tell him to say it again, but record it. Then show that to his parents. Similar situation happened to me and that worked out. Just don't openly show the phone is out, pretend you're texting.


This is when you call the parents. Let them know their kid is a manipulative little b*tch.

I just don't see how kids find this a good idea. What is worse is the fact of how quick we are to believe little ***** when they fake this sorta thing.

make him say it again and record it and show it to the parents upon their arrival

Don't let him manipulate you! Don't let him get to you! Do everything you usually would.

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One time when I was babysitting, this 8 year old threatened to tell his parents I brought a boy over unless I played by his rules. He didn't know his parents were home so I told him to repeat it again louder while they were in the room right next to us. They may think they're smart, but you just gotta outwit them

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Do you see what happens Larry? Do you see what happens when you f**k a stranger in the ass?!..

OMG I think I'm the only person here to already hate kids just for this reason. I've never babysat a kid like tht but I have other reasons

After he told me that I would have said " what was that?" As I secretly recorded him saying it again so I could show his parents what a little demon he is.

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Meh, call the parents before they get home.. No sweat (not like the friend an his ex were at least)

This happened to me a couple of years ago. The kid told me almost immediately after his parents left that if I didn't do as he says he would tell his parents that I "hurt him in his naughty parts". I called his parents straight away and told them to come home because I was no longer able to look after their son. When they got back I told them exactly what he said, that I refused to be blackmailed and that I was disgusted that their SIX YEAR OLD actually knew how to use that as leverage. I walked out and proceeded to tell all the usual babysitters in our relatively small town what had happened. They had some trouble finding a babysitter after that.

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I don't know if they actually believed me or not, but they were extremely rude to me when they got home and I told them what had happened. The mother accused me of 'being a typical teenager' and 'exaggerating for dramatic effect' and the father suggested that I was making it up because I really wanted to be 'out on the piss with my friends instead' and informed me I would have to make my own way home as I had 'inconvenienced them'. I didn't set out to stop them getting another babysitter, but as it is quite a small town the general group of babysitters all went to school with me at the time. I had no loyalty to them after what happened, and if not being able to get a babysitter encouraged them to teach little Damien Thorn not to be such a little snot then it was worth it.

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I totally get it then if they were rude. Nothing is worse then having the parents think their child is an angel when it's completely the opposite. You're right for saving other sitters from that.

56-- Parents do not 'deserve' a night out if their child is uncontrollable and threatens his babysitters. Parents choose babysitters based on reputation and references. Babysitters have just as much right to do that with the families for whom they work. 59-- Really? Google that name.

People think it was drastic to spread the news, but I think it was the right thing for her to do if the parents were unwilling to listen to her. Imagine if some poor future babysitter actually stays and then for whatever reason the kid accuses her of touching him? She could get into serious trouble, and even if the charges are dropped (since there's no proof) her reputation will be ruined forever. Falsely accusing someone of sexual assault IS drastic, so if the parents refuse to even consider it, what she did seems like a smart choice.

Damien Thorn is the main antagonist of The Omen trilogy. He is the son of the Devil and the biblical Antichrist who is destined to bring on the apocalypse. Google is MY friend..

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That's the name of the monster child in The Omen. Doh.

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Damien Thorn is the kid from The Omen. The commenter was exaggerating, saying the kid was the spawn of Satan.

I would tell him to say it again, but record it. Then show that to his parents. Similar situation happened to me and that worked out. Just don't openly show the phone is out, pretend you're texting.

Very smart move there, OP I would record it to, but be very discreet, most kids that age know about mobile phones and recording. My husbands step mother had a friend that was accused of molesting his daughter by the child and was rather descriptive, he was charged and they didnt have any evidence to charge him. The mans life was ruined and later on that child grew up and said she made it up because she didnt get what she wanted from her mother and her dad said no, she threatened I will get you to go to jail daddy and they grounded her. So she accused him of that. Dont put up with that crap, record it.

^ Same thing happened to a teacher in my area. He didn't give a girl the grade she wanted and she cried rape. A few months after the investigation began she came out with the truth but it didn't matter, his reputation was ruined and no one would hire him.

I'd tell the parents and if they didn't believe me never babysit for them again.

The problem is, they don't believe you they call the police. That way, not only do you not babysit again, you don't see the light of day again.

Yeah, ever since I read this I've been trying to figure around that. But I'm assuming the kid said this very early in the babysitting, and if he/she (I didn't look) called the parents instantly then they'd have a better chance of being believed.

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The charges would likely be dropped. There are specialists who question the children who determine fact from lie. Even abused children may stretch the truth because they think the adult wants to hear it. The sad part is one of the indicators for sexual abuse is extensive sexual knowledge beyond their level.

At least one of us knows what we're talking about. XD

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That is just messed up. FYL. You should tell the parents.

pull out your phone, record, and ask him to repeat that, then show is parents an say i want a rase of i will sue for False sexual harassment.

I'd call and tell his parents to come back.

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Don't do that. Hellspawn or not, OP might be liable for negligence if they leave a young kid alone and something happens

I'd definitely tell the parents to come back. Babysitter's pay is not worth possibly getting prosecuted as a sex offender.

Kids are evil. They're gross as babies, and it just goes downhill from there.

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It's a good thing you were spontaneously generated as the last unicorn was struck by lightening.

(EDIT: Ignore this. Misread something.)

Wow kids these days are getting smarter... Or just more messed up

Brings back memories of the nightmares I had babysitting. So many kids are just terrible these days. Parents teach them zero respect.

Fun fact, people seem to not grow out of zero respect

Ugh, I've been in a similar situation and it's really annoying. Just make sure he knows that you're not scared of his threats, and don't let him control you. Maybe even record him saying that and show the parents later. And don't babysit for that family again (obviously).