By Bob - United States
Today, while teaching at a daycare, a child came up to me and asked if he could go to the bathroom. Obviously, I said it was fine. He then pulled his pants down, and pee on my brand new shoes, and all over my leg. FML
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I've been pissed on before too. But it was outside and I was running away. His sister was showing everyone how far he could aim and ofcourse, I was the target. So I was running away and he pissed in my shoe...but at least it was only my shoe.

But in a daycare, aren't you supposed to take them to the bathroom yourself? Like not inside, but you have to walk them to the bathroom so they don't pee in their pants.

but yeah, sucks. FYL

By  Jaguaress  |  2

Wow... Children are so literal. I can see it happening so quickly that you didn't realize what he was doing. Maybe next time you might want to say "Yes, you may use the bathroom in the bathroom," as you're guiding the child to the lavatory. Whatever you do, don't take your eyes off of him/her. lol

By  redbluegreen  |  40

Gross! I wonder who taught him that... Maybe the guy who humps his dog or the mom who lets her kids pee in the parking lot.

If he's old enough to ask that, he's probably old enough to know better, and he probably thought he was being funny.

By  liveitupx  |  0

I agree with #1....I mean, you had to have noticed him unzipping his pants, and all that.
Hard to imagine that you honestly didn't realize what he was doing before he started peeing, if this is true. Which I don't believe.

By  misery09  |  0

I've worked at a daycare for 6 years..and this doesn't surprise me at all lol. It's never happened to me, but kids are definitely something! She may have not had time to notice all of that. You've got to think, he wasn't the only child there at the time..there's always SO much going on at once you have got to have your eye on a lot of kids.