By Anonymous - 24/11/2010 07:35 - Singapore

Today, I went shopping with my parents. Halfway through, I got separated from them and tried to call them only to find out my cell phone battery was flat. A few minutes later, an announcement was made for a lost child. It was by my parents. I'm 36. FML
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This is not an FML honey, we thought we lost you and feared the worst. You may be 36 but, you'll always be our baby! We love you!

surferchick96 0

i cant think of anything else to say.... penis. who said that???


Kifli 0


What OP? Would you rather them call for a lost adult?

SunshineBoy21 0

This is not an FML honey, we thought we lost you and feared the worst. You may be 36 but, you'll always be our baby! We love you!

at least your parents didn't publicly announce over the loud speaker that you wear adult nappies. I still hear the taunts and jeers...

Awhh 31 it's okay now. I've been there to.

All cell phone batteries are "flat" unless you have a cell from the 80s

Maybe if you hold her hand new time you won't get lost. wait are we giving advice or trying to make a more embarrassing idea.

c8750 2

I hope that was a joke 49. Obviously, being that OP is from Singapore they use different terminology for the phone battery being dead

76 - win. A battery being 'flat' is a pretty normal expression.

82 counter-failed.

#49 chances are that he really has one of the 80's tho.. :D

Who still calls them cell phones? They're mobile phones. Get with the 21st century.

FYLDeep 25

I use my bananular phone.

Mobile is a more accurate and modern term than cell. Most of the phones are not cellular.

FYLDeep 25

Nah, most of them are celluar. But they also have those satellite phones that communicate with satellites instead of cell towers. It's the people who call cell phones satellite phones that don't know what they are talking about.

Maybe that's where I got my lines crossed. I was only half-listening to the woman at the store but she told me most of their phones were not technically cellular. Thanks for the lesson, FYLDeep.

Since you guys brought up the topic of phones, I know a lovely website that depicts pretty girls shoving all manner of phones into....interesting places. I would gladly e-mail anyone pictures. ;)

FYLDeep 25

None of this stuff matters anyway since everyone knows that banana phones are the future. I think they work off of gamma radiation or something.

heyyitshannah 0

your nasty my god

who cares? but on the topic, in Australia they have always been mobile phones. no one says "cell phone."

Where I'm from, nobody calls them cell phones. They're mobile phones. The name you use for a phone has nothing to do with whether or not you're up to date with everything in the 21st century.

I could eat an alphabet soup and shit a better argument.

Right 41? Dumbest fuckin' conversation by far.

020266t 5

mobile phones were made years ago moron. cellular phones are new. get you facts straight old man XD

Any phone that isn't attached by a wire is mobile, including ones in homes and offices that you can carry around, but they won't work once you get so far away from the base. So that's a bad way to describe them too... So if mobile is not specific enough and cellular is (apparently) wrong then what should we call them? :D

foreal.. cell phones v mobile phone?? WTF lil

hahah well said

what are you talking about... everyone calls them cell phones

Hey there's no way us Americans are gonna call them mobile phones! Come on, you want us to pronounce a whole nuther syllable! WTF! I'm just gonna stick with "phone" or maybe even "fone", possibly "iPhone" (got mine yesterday woohoo!) but I'm not gonna pronounce a whole THREE syllables. It's un-American!

Where I live if you called it a "mobile phone" people will look at you funny. I have never heard anyone say that around me. Nobody cares if it's accurate or not it's just called a cell phone.

#41 made my day

Here where I live we just call it "phone".

I don't know anyone who calls it "mobile phone", it's always "cell phone" or "cell". It's even written like that in forms and applications, but I suppose it's all a geographical thing.

ummm i still call it a cell phone. just like everyone i know.

stfu u perfectionest. big deal he called it a cell8-)


uh actually everyone, in the US anyway, calls them "cell phones".... who the fuck says call my "mobile".

jcowsert2 5

lmao. couldn't have said it better myself

This is the stupidest argument I have ever seen in my life:(

bfabb 0

You get with the 21st century. I've never heard cell phones be called "mobile phones". Jerk!

bfabb 0

I'm gonna start saying that. That's funny.

scice03 8

Who. The fuck. Cares.

smokeymcpottt 3

You're a virgin?

Like a virgin, touched for the very first time. Like a virgin, when your heart beats next to mine.

75 is a lesbian virgin!

#92 I like how you think that's an insult.

Nerds, I'm not sure he thought it was an insult, but I heard him cream his pants all the way over here.

Bahaha. Oh, Doc. :P

I guess you'll always be their baby. Next time don't wander off!

surferchick96 0

i cant think of anything else to say.... penis. who said that???

what are you talking about? that has nothing to do with the fml!

Why say penis when you can say banana?

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Hey baby let's do the bananna split. I'll put my bananna into your split!

crauen 0

u spelled banana wrong.

spelled --> spelt. I hate grammatical police who try to correct when they themselves fail. Thks :) OP, LOL! How embarrassing..

#95 Actually, I believe both spelled and spelt are correct.

7 ur fugly

do u have facebook

Maybe you should stay with your parents instead of wandering off.

next they will be getting you on of those leashes they have for children when they run away!

awe! they were worried about you! that's sweet

Ugh, I know what you mean my mom does that too. If I walk away for like two minutes she starts screaming my name all over the store it's so freaking embarassing, but that's just love. :b haha