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Most places won't allow an aquarium of any sort because the danger of it possibly breaking and causing water damage. Although, the chance of that happening is quite slim. You would think they would allow it what with it being such a small bowl. Most sea monkeys I've seen have lived in particularly small habitats, so they must just be pricks...

  AGU_zPhantom  |  0

I used to live with a crazy chick in an apartment that didn't allow pets. Even though she had 2 cats, 8 mice, a hamster, and many fish. Needless to say, she's single. Lol.


8-Pet rocks are the best! They're just so gneiss. Sorry, I had to make that joke, granite, it's not a very good joke. Seriously though, pet rocks were a genius, multimillion dollar idea.

By  AGU_zPhantom  |  0

You could be a smartass and get an animal, then tell your landlord you never pet it, therefore following the "no pet" rule.

Otherwise, just don't sweat the petty stuff, and wait until you get your own house to acquire an animal companion.