By Monkeyless - 02/05/2012 03:59 - United States - Providence

Today, it was confirmed that the "no pet rule" in my apartment complex is so strict that I'm not even allowed to have sea monkeys. FML
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Wow... what the hell could a bunch of shrimp possibly do?

What about pet rocks?! :D


Wow... what the hell could a bunch of shrimp possibly do?


Unspeakable acts against humanity.

There harmless untill you add the seamen...

Do pet rocks count too?

#18 like Pinkie and the brain?

Seems like a fishy situation, you shoudn't try and monkey around with the rules you sea they're for your good.

who new monkeys could even swim i mean, weird

71 - You've been on sea monkeys trails since you were 12? That's impressive.

impressive indeed!

You know global warming, yea it is all them.

38, love the south park reference!!

71, you got "their" right once, how can you f$&k up the other three times?? Honestly, kids don't listen in school these days...

Well they say "Incest is best , ask your sister she'll do the rest" Wasn't it creepy you sucking on his neck??

Dang it wrong fml stupid iPhone

Well shit, you'll probably have to find another complex. I can't imagine living without sea monkeys.

@71 we're taking over the world and there's nothing you can do!

Has nobody seen what happened to Phineas and Ferb's sea monkeys?

Sea monkeys are TECHNICALLY pets.... But that's bogus of them to rag about it.

Though they aren't TECHNICALLY pets, Furbies can also make good companions.... Or they can give you nightmares.

Don't listen! Bring you're pet anyway.

Most places won't allow an aquarium of any sort because the danger of it possibly breaking and causing water damage. Although, the chance of that happening is quite slim. You would think they would allow it what with it being such a small bowl. Most sea monkeys I've seen have lived in particularly small habitats, so they must just be pricks...

I didn't even know sea monkeys exist.

@110 You must've had a sad childhood :(

On that exotic ish huh ?

Huh indeed. Your comment is hurting my brain.

Get fish and sea monkeys and keep it a secret!!

Managers never walk into apartments randomly anyway

I used to live with a crazy chick in an apartment that didn't allow pets. Even though she had 2 cats, 8 mice, a hamster, and many fish. Needless to say, she's single. Lol.

who cares if she's single? she has animal friends!

Cats are better companions then men anyways.

That's the man for ya always keeping down the instant pet

Who the fuck keeps a seamonkey as a pet?

Hey, watch it. Sea monkeys are very cool.

I had them as a kid ages ago. I thought they were badass back then thank you very much.

guess they're not hip enough

Sea monkeys are bad ass. I loved watching them grow :)

76- I am in love with your icon. :) Rat reminds me of my father though. Lol

Sea monkeys rock!

What about pet rocks?! :D

Oh no! Patrick will be devastated if he can't keep his pet rock. :(

8-Pet rocks are the best! They're just so gneiss. Sorry, I had to make that joke, granite, it's not a very good joke. Seriously though, pet rocks were a genius, multimillion dollar idea.

They were also invented in my hometown lol. You're welcome stalkers. ;P

I have 5. 5 that I have found left on my pouch

USB pet rock

You could be a smartass and get an animal, then tell your landlord you never pet it, therefore following the "no pet" rule. Otherwise, just don't sweat the petty stuff, and wait until you get your own house to acquire an animal companion.

Also don't pet the sweaty stuff.

Well that ruins my plans for today...