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Today, instead of canceling for the third consecutive time due to work-related reasons, my boyfriend sent his twin brother on our date. They both thought I wouldn't notice. FML
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mikeman1744 18

That's such a TV show thing to do haha

You should have had sex with him! And when your boyfriend asked about it you could have said "Well I thought it was you."


almitynoob 8

That's horrible! I'm sorry OP

It's not horrible, it's actually quite clever and pretty hilarious. I'm an identical twin myself and I'd love to try something like that if I got the chance.

It's pretty disrespectful to the op: it doesn't seem like your (hopefully now ex) boyfriend doesn't think much of your intelligence if he thinks a completely different person will fool you. I've never met identical twins yet who are so identical that you can't tell them apart even after an hour or two.

So you suggest that, instead of talking out their problems, that she dump him. That kind of shit thinking is the reason so many relationships fail.

Yes, that is the gist of what I'm saying.

> boyfriend doesn't want to be a dick and cancel the date for work so he sends his brother on it. You say to dump him? That's some terrible logic bro.

Bro? I am clearly a cat. The reason I thought op should dump their boyfriend is that the boyfriend clearly doesn't respect her if he thinks she is so stupid she wouldn't notice that she was on a date with a totally different person.

What if the op had somehow not noticed that it was her boyfriends brother and suggested spending the night together? Would it still be so funny if she woke up the next day to find she had been tricked into being unfaithful? Would her boyfriend think it was funny then too?

#57- I'm sure neither of the brothers would have let it get that far.

2nd 20

I think Enslaved is the better cat imo. Anyways If the brother was anything close to a decent brother I'd assume he wouldn't sleep with his brothers girlfriend.

Enslaved is a prettier cat. But I've got heart and that's what counts! Anyhoo I'm sure the brother wouldn't have slept with her I was just explaining a little why I thought what ops boyfriend did was not a nice thing

2nd 20

It's okay your cat is still cool, and I also see where you were coming from.

While I think a talk (rather than dumping him) would be a better option, I have to agree that it was pretty douchy of the boyfriend. I mean, it's one thing to cancel a date but then apologize and send a brother/sister/friend to try and liven up OP's day. But it's another thing to try to trick OP into thinking it was him... that to me seems cowardly (like he just doesn't want to admit he cancelled yet again and upset her). I've seen twins jokingly sending another in their place, and it is HILRARIOUS. But it's only really funny if it could plausibly work, and as someone mentioned, a gf would be able to tell the difference right away. Besides, the main purpose of his actions weren't to be funny, but simply to get out of trouble...which imo is not that great of an excuse.

Enslaved isn't a cat, she's a cat's pet. She's been ENSLAVED by a cat.

#44 you're the reason why so many marriages fail. If you force something that doesn't work it's gonna blow up in your face after 20 years of marriage. Better to let a relationship fail and go find someone better suited to marry than to force shit and split all your belongings 20 years later.

mikeman1744 18

That's such a TV show thing to do haha

sonasonic 34

A family that dates together stays together... Twincest!

Awesome comments! I just wanted to be a part of the conversation.

You want a twin so you can get a free pass for your boyfriend to do naughty things to your sister? And for your sister to have an easier time seducing your boyfriend? Pretty sure you need to go watch Sister, Sister. The Mowry twins spent a lot of time teaching us what whacky antics don't work as twins.

That sucks but at the same time at least he was trying not to let you down by canceling again.

JustinJK 21

Yeah I agree. I think it's really sweet. He probably feels really bad. I know what it's like to be stood up for work related reasons. That's been my entire life with my dad. He hates it, but he tries really hard. Just make sure going ahead with the relationship that you can handle his hectic work schedule @ OP.

You should have had sex with him! And when your boyfriend asked about it you could have said "Well I thought it was you."

mds9986 24

Have sex with a another person! That always makes the situation better!

Rectov 10

Well the boyfriend did a dick move

Did you sleep with him and pretend not to notice it was the twin to teach your boy friend a lesson.

fashionbug9880 22

Teach him a lesson for what exactly? Having a job? It's not really under his control whether or not his boss wants him to come in.

No it's not his fault he has to work, it is however his fault that he tried to deceive her by sending his twin

TallMist 32

#90 He was doing it because he cares for her and didn't want her to feel like he was leading her on. While it ultimately failed, he was still trying at least instead of just letting her think she got stood up.

At least he tried? Did he at least come clean? Regardless, wrong of him (although it's kinda funny). Fyl

Haha classic. The old switch-a-roo. I love being a twin. But sorry they legitimately thought you wouldn't realise that's just silly!

i imagine zack and cody. i don't know why...

MzZombicidal 36

Probably because they're twins? Lol (unless that was your joke, in which case, I apologize that it went over my head. lol.)

it actually was but I don't mind haha

saffy66 34

I've known a few sets of identical twins and when you know one of them well, the other is noticeably different. Thinking you'd be fooled is kind of insulting.