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Today, I got an email from a Scholarship Program reminding me that they had rejected me 3 months ago. Thanks for reminding me I might not make it to college. FML
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Is that even necessary? Why would they remind you of that? What did you say? What did you do? Did you chew their asses out? ...I'm a very curious person.


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Not really, 1. As the semester nears, schools often send out reminders of financial aid status. If the OP applied for ANY kind of aid and was turned down, they would send out the reminder just so the OP knows that they need to take other action in case they didn't get the notice the first time. It might be an ego bruiser, but had the OP NOT gotten the information the first time and been expecting that scholarship, THAT would be an FML.

Wow, that really sucks. Keep trying though.

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If you really want to go to college, you still can. This is what student loans are for. Sure, you have to pay them back, but you'll make way more than you could ever had made without college. I can't get grants, but I'm still going. I can make 60k a year with college, MAYBE top out at 20k without. Even with 60k in student loans, you'll make up for it in just 2 years of working.

Birds has definitely planned this out. I'm not being sarcastic here, but note that he said it'd take two years of making 60k to pay off 60k. Why do I say this? Because unrealistic people will say "If I owe 60k, and I make 60k a year, then that means in exactly one year, I'll be even!" But... Birds thought it out and realized that he'd have to pay for rent (assuming he's not buying a house or trailer or living with parents/family), and so took that extra year into account. So yeah, listen to that guy, college is cool.

this is of course assuming you graduate. some people aren't cut out for college, and in fact many skilled tradespeople make more than many college grads. in short, make sure you pick a program that suits YOU, not what everyone thinks you should do. It would suck to wind up with a 30k loan, waste 2 years at college, and then drop out because you can't do it and/or hate it.

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try a smaller ,local ,community college

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There is no way you can pay off 60k in two years if you make only 60k a year. Unless you live at home with your parents and don't have other bills. It has taken my friend and her husband to pay off 12k in a year and a half and they have more to go. And Interest rates are up to 11 or 12 percent.

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You can make more than 20,000 a year without college. I say this as someone who is going for a Master's degree, but it's unfair to make it look like it's that necessary to attend college. It's a bit biased and completely innaccurate. My brother didn't go to college and when I'm a school librarian and pull in around $45,000 a year, he'll still make AT LEAST $25,000 more than me.

Uh... what exactly are you getting your Master's in #55?

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Actually if you don't have support from your parents, you won't be able to get enough in student loans to go to college until you've earned enough credits to be a sophomore. Sucks but true - I was in that situation because my parents were both not helping me pay one cent toward college and refusing to the sign the form that would have allowed me to take out additional loans if that were the case. My mom said that since signing the form saying she wouldn't be helping me pay for college would help me pay for college, she was unable to sign it - it would make her a liar. I had to go to school partime and take semesters off because of that - yeah I did get a good factory job while in school. Then I ended up with tendinitis in both wrists from it, and was told I couldn't so much as work a cash register for a job

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Masters in Library and Information Studies. It's not very lucrative, but it's what I want to do and requires a Master's degree.

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#64, at 23 you can be declared independent and your parents don't have to sign anything. Also if you're married or have a child or even fill out the right forms otherwise. At least this is true at MANY schools.

Wrong, I think. If you are married you are considered under your parents income - as retarded as that is. At least where I am, which is Indiana, that is the case. The only way to not be is to have a child or be a stupid to me. :o

I feel for you. Same thing here when I got rejected for a Police Academy for Teens. Thanks for reminding me again assholes! Im sure the person who was crying after running 6 laps was a stronger applicant.

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haha thats hilarious why would they remind you of that

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Is that even necessary? Why would they remind you of that? What did you say? What did you do? Did you chew their asses out? ...I'm a very curious person.

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I find it ironic that all of these inquiries came form "Apathy".

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seems like they could save money on the reminder notices and give out more scholarships

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Who on earth thinks he deserves this?!