By bl3ur0z3
Today, I learned that my new apartment complex does not allow "altercations in community areas". This includes pulling my child out of the pool and reprimanding him for holding his cousin under water. I can't parent outside my apartment. FML
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By  tarabella  |  7

Congrats. Your child is a psychopath. Also you live in a very strange place where attempted murder is allowed but teaching your kid right from wrong is not.

By  kieralumina  |  30

Wouldn't that PREVENTING an altercation? You were scolding your son for doing something that could put someone's life in danger. I'd put in a complaint about such a nonsense rule.

By  Madrias  |  36

Fill the pool with concrete, and when they demand answers, reply with, "Well, I can't discipline my children for trying to drown each other, so I removed the drowning hazard."